Pixologic Releases ZBrush 4R5
December 21, 2012

Pixologic Releases ZBrush 4R5

It’s been a busy year for Pixologic, releasing four new versions of its ZBrush software during 2012.

With each version of ZBrush, the company strives to include additions and enhancements to help users enhance their creativity. Most recently, Pixologic unveiled ZBrush 4R5, which usability upgrades, including Dynamic Brush Size control, Mouse Wheel support, Quick/Auto Save functions, and much more.

With ZBrush4R5, users gain the ability to generate cleaner topology faster than ever before. Combine the new Panel Loops with the power of QRemesher (released earlier this year in ZBrush 4R4) and the possibilities for creating complex and efficient parts become easier. ZBrush 4R5 also includes powerful rendering enhancements, including a Posterization setting which creates illustration effects similar to a Photoshop painting.

There are numerous other additions and feature enhancements.

ZBrush 4R5 is a free upgrade to existing registered users.