Pixel Farm Makes Restoration Products More Accesible
January 12, 2012

Pixel Farm Makes Restoration Products More Accesible

KENT, UK — The Pixel Farm Ltd. (www.thepixelfarm.co.uk) is making its restoration and remastering products more available than before in response to trends and the business climate. 
The restoration and remastering business spans a variety of scaling models, from the 'boutique' house with one or two seats, government-funded archives up to industrial-scale operations with multiple seats serving the entertainment sector. In order to address the diverse needs of this market, The Pixel Farm has invested considerable research and development in the area of workgroup management.  

"The scope of the media restoration business is growing, ranging from traditional film cleanup to reconstruction of titles in stereo 3D, and even dimensionalisation of back catalogues and major titles" Comments Michael Lancaster, Managing Director. "We already serve other market sectors with significant technologies which we are seeing being used more and more in disciplines such as 3D reconstruction. It makes total sense that we would introduce those existing technologies back into the hands of our restoration market and this product repositioning is a part of that larger strategy."  

The soon to be released PFMill will become The Pixel Farm’s flagship restoration and remastering solution for film and government archives, offering cost-effective and easy-to-administer collaborative workflows for industrial-scale restoration pipelines previously only available to companies with sizeable infrastructure investment.  

PFClean, PFPrep and PFSilo collaborative platform pricing has been realigned to improve accessibility to those larger scale workflows, and in preparation for impending technologies to further broaden the scope of the company’s offering to the evolving restoration and remastering markets.  In addition, public-sector archive services operating to tight budgets, smaller-scale facilities requiring standalone restoration functionality, and post houses seeking to diversify into the growing restoration market stand to benefit from the improved accessibility of The Pixel Farm’s renowned restoration product family. Pricing for existing restoration and remastering solutions, effective from Jan 1, 2012 are: PFClean $7,800; PFPrep $3,200; PFSilo  $15,600.

The recently restructured, and newly introduced Annual Software Maintenance and Operational Support programs further decrease the cost of ownership, with 1st year maintenance being included free of charge on all new software purchases, along with a more flexible, cost-effective operational support option for multi-seat installations, and major enhancements to services across the board.  

Says Dan Harvey, Restoration Product Manager, “Whether yours is a boutique facility looking for an affordable entry to the restoration business, an audio-visual archive seeking a best-of-class solution at a realistic price point, or a large-scale restoration operation looking to expand throughput, there has never been a better time to introduce The Pixel Farm’s industry-leading restoration and remastering solutions into your pipeline.”