Perceptive Pixel Ships Active Stylus
May 10, 2012

Perceptive Pixel Ships Active Stylus

NEW YORK — Perceptive Pixel (, a provider of advanced user interface solutions, announced the general availability of its active stylus, which enables simultaneous pen and stylus input. While other solutions on the market require inefficient mode switching, the Perceptive Pixel active stylus delivers an entirely natural on-screen drawing or writing experience without the need to toggle between input modes.
The active stylus functions like a regular pen, allowing users to sketch, annotate, design, draw and brainstorm directly on Perceptive Pixel's high-performance, true multi-touch, projected capacitive (pro-cap) displays. Use one hand to write or draw and use the other to reposition the on-screen object, just as you would with pen and paper. The company's pro-cap displays detect an unlimited number of fingers and up to four simultaneous stylus inputs. Patented controller technology perfectly differentiates styluses from fingers while tracking input from each stylus separately and eliminating false touches. The Perceptive Pixel active stylus is sold as an accessory to its 27- and 82-inch displays.

Features include:
- Natural Interaction: annotate or draw directly on screen with your  dominant hand while zooming or repositioning on-screen objects with your other hand.

- Palm Rejection: the display recognizes and intelligently ignores palm or forearm touch input so that you can rest your hand comfortably on the screen as you write or draw.

- Identity Recognition: up to four people can work simultaneously with a stylus on the pro-cap displays, each stylus with its own distinct input stream, which can be tracked and used by applications.

- Hover Capability: the display sensor recognizes styluses as they hover up to  1/2 inch above the screen, enabling software to report additional information such as latitude/longitude, distance, time/depth, x/y/z coordinates and more, prior to engaging the screen.

- Programmability: develop unique functionality or innovative stylus-enabled, multi-touch applications using the Perceptive Pixel API.

- Precision & Pressure Sensitivity: a sharp point allows for sub-pixel precision and registers pressure to capture the nuance of your stroke as you write or draw.

- Ergonomic Design: the soft-coated barrel of our active stylus is comfortable to hold and features a switch that can emulate familiar right-click, left-click mouse input or that can be programmed for any