Open BIM Build London Live 2012 Award Won By ArchiCAD Team
June 1, 2012

Open BIM Build London Live 2012 Award Won By ArchiCAD Team

BUDAPEST – Build London Live is the latest event of the collaborative design challenge series for BIM practitioners from around the world. The 48-hour virtual design competition was held May 21-23, utilizing revolutionary cloud-based technology. AIDEA, a worldwide Top 100 architecture practice from the Philippines, took home the the OpenBIM award at using ArchiCAD for its winning design.
A total of 11 teams from 37 countries competed in the event, which traditionally does not reveal the design brief until the start of the competition. With over 1000 viewers following the event in real time, this year’s competition was deemed the most successful of the Build Live events held thus far. The brief challenged the teams to design a Museum of 2012. The design had to hold a cultural and social significance of 2012 given that London is the host of the 2012 Summer Olympics.

“Participating in Build London Live was a fantastic challenge for our team,” said Abelardo Tolentino Jr., AIDEA managing director. “Using ArchiCAD’s unique Open BIM workflow made coordination and updating easy and virtually seamless. It was amazing to watch our design coming together as each phase was completed.” 

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