Marc Petit Leaves Autodesk
December 17, 2012

Marc Petit Leaves Autodesk

His is a familiar face in our industry. And after 10 years as senior vice president of Autodesk Media & Entertainment (M&E) product development, Marc Petit is stepping away from that post.

Taking his place until a replacement is found will be Chris Bradshaw, Autodesk senior vice president of Reputation, Consumer and Education, who will act as the head of the Autodesk M&E product group. In addition, Marc Stevens and Chris Young will continue in their positions within their individual M&E product management and product development teams.

Stig Gruman, vice president of M&E Worldwide Sales, and Mark Strassman, vice president of M&E Industry Strategy and Marketing, will continue to run sales and marketing, as before.

Previously, Petit spent nine years at Softimage as vice president of 3D products.

As stated on Autodesk’s AREA: “The work overseen by Marc Petit encapsulates most of what has been achieved by Autodesk M&E over the last 10 years. Mudbox. Softimage. 3ds Max and Maya, 123D, some of the most incredible teams and projects that worked so well at delivering software that worked for those professionals working on movies and games.”

With Petit at the helm, Autodesk M&E pioneered new and unprecedented techniques in visual storytelling for the television, games and film industries, including the virtual production workflows used in the groundbreaking projects Avatar and Tintin.

There has been no mention as to Petits future plans.