Mac-Only Cheetah3D 6.0 Debuts
June 1, 2012

Mac-Only Cheetah3D 6.0 Debuts

TAPFHEIM, GERMANY — MW3D-Solutions has released Cheetah3D 6.0, a major update to its consumer/professional level 3D modeling solution for Mac OS X. Developed from the ground up utilizing the latest Cocoa technologies, Cheetah3D is a lean, fast, and powerful 3D modeling, rendering, and animation package with a relaxed learning curve.
Cheetah3D provides many of the most useful features and organizes them within an intuitive, easy to use UI. The software contains tools such as subdivision surface modeling, joint-based character animation system, UV unwrapping, texture painting, rigid- and soft-body dynamics, PDF import, global illumination renderer, and  more. 

The biggest change in v6.0 is the integration of the Bullet physics engine for the simulation of rigid-body and soft-body dynamics. It is now easy to create a bowl of marbles spilling or simulating a flag waving in the wind. 

The feature set is further enhanced with the possibility to extend Cheetah3D with JavaScripts and support for many common file formats, like FBX, 3DS or Collada.

Other major new features in Cheetah3D 6.0 include: 
- Seamless integration of the physics engine with interactive real-time preview simulation baking for complex scenes
- Isosurfaces (metaballs) with support for balls, vertices, particles and splines keying (animation) of mesh vertices and spline control points
- Global scene search field: you can now search all objects and materials interactively
- Improved sweep and bevel tools
- Improved Collada export (iBooks Author compatible)
- Upgraded to the latest FBX SDK (v2012.2)
- Greatly extended Javascript API offers access to animation data (F-Curves) Support for OS X Lion full-screen mode
- Support for 16-bit textures 

Cheetah3D 6.0 is priced at $99 for a single-user license. Customers may upgrade from Cheetah3D 1.x - 5.x for $69.00.