Lightmap Releases V.3.0 Of HDR Light Studio
January 3, 2012

Lightmap Releases V.3.0 Of HDR Light Studio

LEICESTERSHIRE, UK — Lightmap ( has released HDR Light Studio V.3.0, the latest version of their realtime lighting software.
Version 3.0 is packed with new features, including localized exposure, color and saturation tools that use new light blending modes, custom fall-off curves, a new color system for lighting artists and Collada support. 

According to Lightmap, none of the new additions are at the expense of performance. The new release features faster render times than before, with all parameters now supporting instant feedback.

New light blending modes use light sources to adjust exposure, color and saturation. Custom fall-off curves allow user to control synthetic light fall-off. A new color system provides color selection and analysis tools designed specifically for lighting artists to allow precise color matching and auditioning. And Collada support allows for the import of geometry and camera information from all major 3D modeling packages. 

Typical scenarios in which HDR Light Studio V.3.0 can produce quality results include professional studio lighting, on-location lighting, color-matched lighting for backplates, and creative HDR location relighting.

HDR Light Studio 3.0 is available in two versions: a Standard edition for $625, and a Pro edition for $935, which includes plug-ins for KeyShot, Maxwell Studio and Deep Exploration.