Imagineer Strikes Deals With Quantel, Assimilate, FXhome
September 10, 2012

Imagineer Strikes Deals With Quantel, Assimilate, FXhome

AMSTERDAM — Imagineer Systems ( has entered into a series of licensing agreements and strategic partnerships that will expand the market presence of its flagship planar tracking technology into high end post production and finishing markets, as well as into consumer/prosumer content creation markets. At IBC, here, Imagineer announced strategic partnerships with Quantel, Assimilate and FXhome — all of which are licensing or supporting the company’s planar tracking technology from Mocha.
Quantel has integrated the Mocha planar tracker into its color and finishing toolset. Mocha is fully integrated into the Quantel multilayer timeline and will be instantly available regardless of the task at hand. Mocha will be a free upgrade for all systems running Quantel V.5 software at the end of October 2012.

Imagineer also announced planar tracking data export capability for Assimilate’s Scratch from Mocha Pro V.3.1. With this agreement, Mocha now offers new support and process for Scratch users to import Mocha's planar tracking data for transform, scale, rotation and corner pin perspective. With the new Mocha Pro to Scratch workflow, artists can seamlessly tackle difficult motion tracking shots for screen inserts, match moves, set extensions and image stabilization. Scratch V.7 will be shipping in Q4.

And FXhome is working with Imagineer Systems to bring powerful, planar tracking based 3D camera solve capabilities to the newest product version of HitFilm 2 Ultimate. As a result of the partnership, HitFilm 2 Ultimate will include a special licensed version of Mocha’s 3D camera solver called Mocha HitFilm, and will be bundled with HitFilm 2 Ultimate. 

At IBC, Sony showed the interoperability between its Vegas Pro 12 NLE and HitFilm Ultimate 2.0. The combination of Mocha, HitFilm, and Vegas Pro creates a powerful, integrated post solution.