IED Europe 2012 Summit Calls For Submissions
February 24, 2012

IED Europe 2012 Summit Calls For Submissions

PARIS — The European Chapter of the Immersive Education Initiative has issued a call for iED Europe 2012 Summit papers, posters, workshops, panels, general presentations, and demos. July 16th is the abstract deadline for all sessions, with full submissions due July 27. Details are available on the official iED Summit website: 
The theme for the 2nd European iED Summit is “Immersive Education: combining creativity, art and pedagogy.” The two-day event is open to the global academic community and experts in immersion, simulation, learning games, virtual reality and full, augmented and mixed reality. École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratfs (EnsAD) will host iED Europe 2012 from November 26-27. EnsAD’s mission is to provide artistic, scientific and technical training for creative designers engaged in design and research in all aspects of the decorative arts.

The 2nd European iED Summit will build on this theme, exploring how virtual spaces can be used for innovative forms of teaching and learning, fostering creativity and artistic expression. This will be rooted in new technological developments in the fields of virtual, augmented and mixed reality. There will also be a strong emphasis on pedagogy and effective design and evaluation of solutions, with case studies from active practitioners in this emerging cross-disciplinary domain.

iED Europe 2012 will address core topics on the use of virtual and mixed-reality environments for online education and training applications. The scope will be fairly broad and will look at a range of innovative uses of virtual reality immersive environments. 

iED Europe 2012 is the second Summit organized by the newly formed European Chapter of the Immersive Education Initiative (, and builds on the success of the previous iED Europe summit held in Madrid in November 2011. 

Topics of interest for iED Europe 2012 include:  
Blended/Hybrid learning
Personalized learning
Intelligent agents in learning
Edutainment & Game-Based Learning
Location-based and contextual learning
Immersive Educational technology markets & challenges
Virtual and mixed-reality for education
Educational software/hardware
Intelligent classroom
Virtual laboratories and tools
Pedagogy for the Internet Age
Innovations in the teaching laboratory
Student assessment in high-tech teaching environments
Cultural dimensions of educational technology
Educational technology innovations
Social/Collaborative learning
Smart educational environment
Teaching strategies to maximize benefits of emerging technology
Future research issues for Immersive Education