Fashionable Computer Makes Big Entrance At Fashion Week
May 8, 2012

Fashionable Computer Makes Big Entrance At Fashion Week

Catwalk dreams were realized recently as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week attendees experienced an innovative real-world environment in which their motion was detected so they could literally interact with a human — yet virtual — model.
Award-winning production company Digital Pulse again made its mark on Australia’s marketing industry after showcasing Australia’s first expression of live augmented reality at Australia’s premier fashion event. 

The project was created for internationally renowned technology brand Hewlett Packard (HP), which was looking to make a major impact with its own latest high fashion computer model, the sleek new Spectre Envy Ultrabook. 

Digital Pulse partnered with Convert, a specialist retail advertising and shopper marketing agency, to launch the Ultrabook at the event. 

The team felt the concept of launching such a creative and high-fashion computer model against the background of the world’s other great fashion models was an appropriate marketing concept. When an organization targets those who expect the extraordinary, the marketing should reflect this brand characteristic — and that was the objective. 

Digital Pulse Managing Director Brett Heil said the content development, which enabled Fashion Week attendees to physically interact with live images and human models, was a challenging and stimulating creative experience. 

“When a product as innovative and defining as HP’s Spectre Envy Ultrabook is released, its supporting marketing must re-create the innovative experience it provides to its users. This product targets people who expect the extraordinary and our approach reflected this,” said Heil. “The live augmented-reality experience we created is the technological equivalent of the latest leading trends and direction displayed at Fashion Week.” 

“We are proud to contribute to such a successful event. Our cutting-edge technology, coupled with the unveiling of HP’s extraordinary Ultrabook, recognized and complemented the combined talents of everyone that was involved in this project,” Mr Heil said.