Eyeon Ships Generation AM
December 21, 2012

Eyeon Ships Generation AM

TORONTO, CANADA — Eyeon Software has announced the worldwide release of its Generation visual effects and postproduction workflow management system, now referred to as Generation AM.

Generation AM provides the essential tools to organize the entire team, automate tasks and deliverables, and sustain precise communication. This transparent collaboration supports up-to-the-minute details of jobs, talent, and deadlines, which is quite different to other applications. Designed with a scripting engine from the ground up, Generation AM is a flexible and customizable visual frontend to any studio’s pipeline. Playback and stereo playback, dailies reviews, shot notes, task lists, assignments, job status tracking, version history and delivery, are key to successfully managing all aspects of the workflow and completing the work on time and on budget.

 Generation AM can run both Lua and Python scripts to match any facility’s environment. Not only can you control everything remotely via script but, since all the metadata is stored as XML, all implementations, from adding comments to modifying entire projects, can be done from within other applications as well.

Key features include:

      Extensive use of metadata throughout the project. Metadata can be accessed and modified from both within Generation and externally due to the consistent use of XML files. This ensures seamless interaction and integration with any existing pipeline.

      Easy and comprehensive shot- and task assignments.

      Fully-scriptable in both Lua and Python.

      Fast playback with more than 120FPS, even in 4K stereoscopic.

      Full support for Fusion compositions and versioning of the same on the storyboard.

      Full integration with Fusion, including the chat-system.

      Stereo playback on multiple projectors and monitors.

      Integrated chat-client and paint-annotation systems for collaboration.

      Integrated e-mail-client to inform artists about changes or assignments.

      Proxy-tool to reduce network bottlenecking and improve workflow.

      Highly-customizable interface, including menus and user-bar, to fit the needs from VFX supervisor to artist.

      Sub-Projects and pPlaylists with functions to quickly generate new versions.

      Support for ASC CDLs.

      Support for 3D LUTs in multiple formats.

      User-definable guides and overlays.

 Generation AM retails for $995, with site licensing and pricing available on a per-studio basis.