Digital Domain & CORE Media Partner On 'Virtual Elvis'
June 7, 2012

Digital Domain & CORE Media Partner On 'Virtual Elvis'

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL — Digital production company Digital Domain Media Group has signed an exclusive agreement with CORE Media Group to jointly develop, produce and own a series of "virtual" Elvis Presley likenesses for a range of entertainment projects — from shows and appearances to film, TV and multi-platform productions throughout the world.
Digital Domain Media Group has created CG likeness of Tupac Shakur for Dr. Dre's recent show at the Coachella Valley Music Festival. CORE Media Group is the driving force behind brands such as Elvis Presley, Muhammad Ali, American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.

"This is a new and exciting way to bring the magic and music of Elvis Presley to life. His lifelong fans will be thrilled all over again and new audiences will discover the electric experience of Elvis the performer," says Elvis Presley Enterprises president and CEO, Jack Soden. "The high level of quality entertainment that both CORE Media Group and Digital Domain deliver gives us great confidence that these projects will help continue the growth of Elvis' rich legacy all over the world." Elvis Presley Enterprises is a division of CORE Media Group.

The companies have already begun work on the virtual Elvis Presley likenesses and will announce when and where audiences can expect to see the first virtual Elvis performances. 

From Digital Domain's work on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button to TRON: Legacy, X-Men: First Class to Tupac Shakur, the company has spent a decade and tens of millions of dollars in perpetual development perfecting its technology, tools, and techniques to create realistic computer generated humans.