Dell Adds To Precision Workstation Line
April 24, 2012

Dell Adds To Precision Workstation Line

ROUND ROCK, TX — Dell has introduced new members of its Precision ( line of its tower workstations. The company solicited input from hundreds of top engineering, finance, software development, scientific, and media & entertainment companies to design the new chassis. The feedback and testing drove the development of a sleek and efficient design with a re-organized interior and easier access to important components.
The interior separates areas more commonly accessed by users, such as memory and hard drives, from more service accessed components, such as wiring harnesses and fans, thereby simplifying tasks and greatly reducing time required for service or upgrades. 

Dell is offering a tool-less externally removable power supply that lights up green when functioning properly. The new chassis design on the T7600 provides front access to quick release hard drives. The T7600 also easily converts to a rack solution, which can be mounted to any standard Dell PowerEdge server rack.

Another innovation is Reliable Memory Technology (RMT), a Dell patented code programmed at the BIOS level that eliminates virtually all memory errors on high-end workstations. RMT extends the capability of ECC memory by detecting the location of the corrected memory error and prevents the system from writing to that spot again following a reboot.  Available on the T3600, T5600 and T7600, RMT increases the reliability of the workstations and eliminates the need for extensive full memory tests.

The line makes use of Intel microarchitecture and eight core CPUs for multi-threaded applications; generation three PCIe I/O support for improved visualization performance with next generation graphics; and up to 512GB 4 quad channel memory for running large data sets in memory. The new workstations offer Nvidia Maximus technology, which enables simultaneous visualization and rendering or simulation, and also feature a broad range of professional-class graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia including up to an AMD FirePro V7900 and Nvidia Quadro 6000. 
The Dell Precision T1650, T3600, T5600 and T7600 workstations will be available for purchase worldwide starting in May. Pricing for the T1650 will be available in May. The T7600 starts at $2,149, while the T5600 starts at $1,879 and the T3600 starts at $1,099.