DAZ 3D Unveils Michael 5
May 2, 2012

DAZ 3D Unveils Michael 5

DRAPER, UT — Digital Art Zone (DAZ) today announced the newest version of its popular 3D male model, Michael 5 for Genesis. Available now, this advanced human model facilitates final renderings that are nearly indistinguishable from photography. Michael 5 follows the launch of Victoria 5, and employs the same Genesis 3D model platform, providing powerful rigging, contour and pose adjustments to a single base.
Derived from high-resolution body scans, Michael 5 allows characters with different heads, body shapes, genders, ages and races to be morphed and mixed, providing an unmatched platform for limitless character creation. High-resolution photorealistic skin texture maps showcasing irregularities, such as pores, freckles, veins, age and muscle striations, produce a high level of realism. "

With Michael 5 and Genesis, artists can now create almost any 3D figure imaginable," said DAZ's CEO, James Thornton. "Combined with DAZ Studio, you can create a character, add clothing, hair, environments and animation, and then render or export to your favorite 3D software. Michael 5 is the most realistic, versatile and accurate male 3D model ever."

Michael 5 is available now and priced at $39.95. There are also bundles of clothing, hair, and other add-ons in the DAZ 3D store that range in price from approximately $35 to $200.