Autodesk Evolves Flame Anniversary Edition
December 18, 2012

Autodesk Evolves Flame Anniversary Edition

Integrates customer feedback into product development to optimize high-end visual effects and editing workflow.

Autodesk has announced the latest extension release for Flame 20th Anniversary Edition Software — a major redesign of its premier VFX software that is a part of Autodesk Flame Premium 2013. Extension 2 includes new features and performance enhancements based on customer feedback. Available to current users with active subscription contracts, these enhancements refine the high-end visual effects and finishing workflow, accelerating production and enabling greater creativity.

Key feature and performance enhancements in the extension include:

Support for Apple ProRes — Natively decode ProRes files on a local workstation in Flame and Flame Premium

Support for 16-bit DPX workflows — Bring 16-bit integer files like the Academy Density Exchange Encoding (ADX) 16-bit log DPX files and promote them to 16-bit floating point linear on the fly

Clip Reveal and Clip Protect — Quickly and easily identify clips in the timeline and lock Media Library clips from editing

User-driven project saving — Manually save projects at any time

Preserve handles when matching a timeline source — Match a timeline source and preserve trimming operations

Explicit YUV Headroom — Include YUV headroom when importing and exporting YUV media files

Accelerated browsing in MediaHub — Move seamlessly between media and finishing tools

Improved library memory management — Optimize and manage memory performance; Close unused libraries to release memory for other purposes

Faster DNxHD in MXF File Export

The extension also features a number of other desktop, snapshot and player enhancements.