7th Sense Design Contributes To Malaysian Cineplex
March 6, 2012

7th Sense Design Contributes To Malaysian Cineplex

SMALL DOLE, UK — In another landmark deployment of its Delta media-server technology, 7thSense Design (www.7thsensedesign.com) announces that it has been a key supplier to the visitor centre of the Putrajaya Wetlands Park in Malaysia.
The largest man-made area of freshwater wetland in south-east Asia, Putrajaya Wetlands Park has been conceived as a protected natural habitat in which rare breeds of flora and fauna can establish themselves and flourish, without the threat of upheaval from other human activity. The Wetlands cover an area of over 200 hectares, and human access is carefully controlled.
At the heart of the Park is a new Cineplex, where visitors to the Wetlands can view educational films about the Park and the topic of protecting the environment generally. The cinema uses immersive technology, and it’s here that 7thSense’s high-end media serving expertise has come to the fore.
Azlan Jizam at VR Solutions, the systems integrator responsible for designing and installing the AV technology at the Putrajaya Cineplex alongside MintPlaza Sdn Bhd, the main contractor responsible for the entire Putrajaya Wetlands Parkupgrade says: “The project uses a very large 240-degrees cylindrical screen so that the audience feels truly ‘immersed’ in the video content. The screen is driven by five HD projectors blended together to create a single ‘canvas’ more than 5 megapixels in resolution.
“The system uses uncompressed, raw video, and 7thSense’s Delta solution is one of the few technologies available that can deliver, blend, warp and process multiple images without compression or any related loss of data integrity. We also wanted to the system to be future-proof in the advent of a 3D capability being added down the line, and Delta fitted the bill here as well.”
As well as specifying and programming the 7thSense Design system, VR Solutions designed and installed a fibre-optic backbone to transmit the AV data from the control room to the projectors, along with a 7.1-channel surround-sound audio system. 
“The ability of Delta to deliver high-end projected media across any surface – whether flat, curved, full-dome or indeed any non-standard shape – continues to find favour among integrators and AV technology consultants all over the world,” comments Ian Macpherson, Director, 7thSense Design.
“What is particularly pleasing about the Putrajaya Wetlands project is the fact that it was delivered by a locally based integrator, in time and on budget, and has truly broken new ground in the Malaysian market – not just in terms of the technology used, but in terms of the highly original and environmentally educational content.”