32Ten Studios Founded By Former ILM & Kerner Optical Staffers
January 17, 2012

32Ten Studios Founded By Former ILM & Kerner Optical Staffers

SAN RAFAEL — A group of former ILM and Kerner Optical employees have launched 32Ten Studios (www.32ten.com, a new company based at the former site of ILM. The venture is employee owned and will be headed by industry veterans Tim Partridge, who will serve as president, and Greg Maloney who will serve as its COO.
The company’s historic soundstage will be available for rent to outside projects, and will also provide a new home base for many of the elite model makers and practical effects technicians of Marin County, who were previously employed by ILM, and, later, by Kerner Optical. Members of the 32Ten practical FX team have created effects magic for over 20 years on this soundstage, starting with The Empire Strikes Back, and continuing on with The Return of the Jedi, the Back to the Future trilogy, the Pirates of the Caribbean films and many others.

"We are delighted that the facility at this famous site has been reopened, and we will be able to continue creating amazing realistic effects for mainstream and independent filmmakers," notes Geoff Heron, practical FX supervisor with ILM and Kerner Optical. 

"All the model makers in the area are excited about this new venture, and can't wait to start building once again," adds Nick D'Abo, model supervisor with ILM and Kerner Optical. 

To complement the practical FX, 32Ten will also offer a digital VFX facility for finalizing shots and finishing projects. The 6,000 square foot soundstage features a 20-foot high, two wall coved green screen. Adjacent to the soundstage is the 32Ten screening room, which offers 138 seats. Wardrobe, make-up and production offices will also be available for rent within the site.