Vision 3 Summit: Leverage Industry Megatrends to Increase Profit
February 14, 2011

Vision 3 Summit: Leverage Industry Megatrends to Increase Profit

Reston, Va. - The Vision 3 Summit--a brand-new graphic communications leadership conference to take place March 13-16, 2011, at the Desert Springs JW Marriott in Palm Desert, Calif.--includes a session addressing megatrends, such as globalization impacting the US printing market and mobile marketing, and how company leaders can use them to their advantage.

The Vision 3 Summit is jointly produced by the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL); NPES The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing, and Converting Technologies (NPES); and Printing Industries of America.

In the session, "Harnessing Megatrends for Print Profitability," NPES' Global Programs vice president Kip Smythe will provide a research-based analysis of the megatrends impacting the U.S. printing industry. From globalization and emerging print markets to mobile marketing via smartphones, iPads, and e-readers, Smythe will outline just how graphic communications executives can turn these potential challenges into opportunities for success.

"Graphic communications companies are often on the front lines of the trends, but when several are all coming at you at once, it's difficult to accurately assess which megatrends will have the greatest impact on your business and which will offer the greatest opportunities," says Ralph Nappi, president of NPES. "This session takes years of rich industry research to analyze the megatrends affecting our industry and really lay out for executives where the opportunities-and challenges-lie."

The Vision 3 Summit will feature other educational sessions that address issues of interest to management-level executives, including: future growth markets, new-media marketing strategies, and sales tactics, customers' sustainability expectations, compliance issues, and more.

All sessions emphasize real-world applications and best practices and will offer actionable "how-to" advice. The Vision 3 Summit will also feature a variety of networking events and a number of receptions.

PRIMIR will hold its Spring Meeting in conjunction with the Vision 3 Summit.