VMware and Nvidia to Deliver Virtual Workstation Experience
October 27, 2011

VMware and Nvidia to Deliver Virtual Workstation Experience

Copenhagen, Denmark - Nvidia and VMware Inc. have entered a strategic partnership to advance virtual 3D graphics technology and enable the remote delivery of high-end, workstation-class virtual desktops and applications for engineers, artists, and scientists.
"Nvidia Quadro is the established market leader in professional 3D graphics because of our relentless passion for providing groundbreaking innovations to our customers that deliver the ultimate experience in terms of visual quality, reliability and performance," says Jeff Brown, vice president and general manager, Professional Solutions Group, Nvidia. "Together with VMWare, we're bringing that same Quadro commitment to virtualized desktops. Professionals who desire the highest quality virtualized graphics can look forward to getting this solution from us soon."

"Working together, VMware and Nvidia are pushing the traditional boundaries of desktop virtualization by bringing workstation-class 3D Graphics to hosted virtual desktops and universal application access," explains Vittorio Viarengo, vice president, End-User Computing, VMware. "Once only needed by power-users, 3D graphics are fast becoming a requirement amongst all end-users as they use Office 2010, and even the Windows 7 Aero interface. Our partnership with Nvidia will enable 3D capabilities for power-users as well as a growing number of use cases from any endpoint device, even tablets and thin clients."

The Nvidia Quadro Virtual Graphics Platform provides Quadro professional graphics performance in a virtualized environment via a remote server. It empowers users to take advantage of server-based Quadro professional graphics cards via a network connection, providing a high level of graphics horsepower to users on demand. Users requiring access to graphics-intensive applications, such as engineers, artists and scientists, can work from almost anywhere, without being tied to their workstation. Additionally, an enterprise's intellectual property, whether it is CAD designs, 3D animations, or simulations, remains in the data center, in a secure and manageable environment.