TurboSquid Joins Forces with Falling Pixel and Exchange 3D
April 1, 2011

TurboSquid Joins Forces with Falling Pixel and Exchange 3D

New Orleans, La. - TurboSquid, an extensive marketplace for 3D models, announced that it will merge with two of its competitors: Falling Pixel, Europe's leading marketplace for 3D content, and Exchange 3D, a top online marketplace based in Russia. The partnership further develops TurboSquid as a global leader in the 3D industry, building out the organization's international presence and enhancing the overall industry experience for both artists and customers. 
"This is an exciting moment, one that is bigger than our three companies and our staff," says Matt Wisdom, CEO of TurboSquid. "With this partnership, we have created a launch pad to shape and improve the stock 3D model industry."
The three sites, each of which had record trading levels in March, will continue to remain as they are but will operate under the management of TurboSquid.  Jonathan Lloyd, former managing director of Falling Pixel, has been brought on as a member of the TurboSquid executive team.
As with any merger, the partnership has its strategic benefits, such as increased cost savings, a broadened customer base and artist talent pool, and the opportunity to build a more efficient platform for the purchase and sale of 3D content.  
Customers who shop for premium 3D models will get a significant benefit from the merger. TurboSquid is developing a certification program that aims to raise the bar for quality in stock 3D models.  This program, which is now in beta at TurboSquid, will be extended to Falling Pixel and Exchange 3D.
"We are always considering ways in which to grow our industry," says Lloyd.  "We realized, though, that true, meaningful progress could not be made as separate companies.  By joining forces, we can now work together to develop the future of the 3D marketplace."