Toonbox Gets Nutty with Tactic
August 23, 2011

Toonbox Gets Nutty with Tactic

Toronto, Canada - Southpaw Technology, a developer of production asset management (PAM) technology for digital content creation companies, announced that Toonbox Entertainment (Toonbox) is deploying 100 seats of Tactic to manage all the assets and data for its first feature-length production, The Nut Job.

The growing studio just completed the movie's trailer, and is now rolling out Tactic for the production of the stereoscopic 3D film, which is one of the largest productions happening in Canada at the moment. 
Prior to its work on The Nut Job, Toonbox was using Excel to version, track, and manage all the production assets, and the tasks and notes related to those assets, on its various projects. Early on in the production of  The Nut Job, Toonbox recognized that Excel simply could not keep up with the hundreds of tasks, the status of those tasks, or the location and version of the 100s of thousands of files being managed.

It could not automate tasks or assist in the collaboration process with Toonbox's Korean partner, Redrover Co., Ltd. Nor could the Production Assistants keep the Excel file updated fast enough to give management an accurate real-time understanding of how the project was going.
Tactic enables vast teams of digital artists and animators to efficiently store, track, find and move digital assets through the creation process. Whether production is spread between departments or around the globe, Tactic's unique web-based architecture simplifies real-time file management, task management and team collaboration during the creation process, and ensures that projects stay on track and on budget.
"We are enjoying phenomenal growth right now and are happy to be employing a solution like Tactic to support that growth," says Thom Chapman, director of business development and sales at Toonbox. "Having come out of the animation production environment, Southpaw Technology understands the needs of growing companies like ours, as well as the intricacies of production pipelines. Their technology and their expertise are designed to help companies manage productions today, and scale as productions grow. We now know that we have a solid production solution in place to handle all of our productions as we take on more work."
"Toonbox Entertainment is really making waves in the animation industry and we're happy to assist them with Tactic," says Gary Mundell, CEO of Southpaw Technology. "Their team is excellent, their work is superior, and now they have a solution like Tactic to ensure that that talented team doesn't get bogged down in finding or versioning files; but rather, can focus on creativity and quality. We really look forward to seeing what they produce with Tactic supporting them."