Tag Games Adopts Autodesk 3ds Max to Produce Funpark Friends 3D Mobile Game
October 3, 2011

Tag Games Adopts Autodesk 3ds Max to Produce Funpark Friends 3D Mobile Game

San Rafael, Calif. - Artists at Tag Games used Autodesk 3ds Max modeling, animation, and rendering software from Autodesk Inc. to create striking 3D environments for Funpark Friends, a new build-your-own theme park simulator game for iPhone and iPod Touch mobile digital devices.
Funpark Friends incorporates eye-catching 3D elements that help the game stand out from other games on the market, says a spokesperson. Developing games with a 3D workflow helps smaller studios like Tag Games attract attention in a competitive market. "Many people still download or buy a game based on a screenshot. They are judging your game on one static screenshot, and 3D makes a much bigger impact than 2D," explains Paul Farley, managing director, Tag Games.

"Our primary concern is standing out in our field, while maintaining tight budgets and a small, but highly efficient team. The answer was to move towards 3D gaming," adds Stewart Graham, head of game art, Tag Games. "3ds Max was the obvious tool for us. It's a reliable application that offers everything we need in a single package. 3ds Max has never failed to deliver for us."

Tag Games designers used 3ds Max to shape and create the distinct visual design of Funpark Friends. "We were going for a recognizable, plastic toy look that players could experience in a 3D environment," says Martin McGregor, game artist, Tag Games. "3ds Max offered the flexible toolset we needed to accomplish this. Features like TurboSmooth made it easier to get the exact look we wanted for the game."

"We are seeing a growing trend of mobile, social and casual game developers adopting 3D workflows," says Marc Stevens, vice president, Autodesk Games. "Games like Funpark Friends are a great example of the high quality you can achieve with 3D software. It's these more impactful, 3D visuals that grab the consumer's eye and help games stand out in the crowded mobile game market."

Watch the Tag Games video profile on the Autodesk YouTube channel to learn more about how the company is using 3ds Max software to develop fun and eye-catching mobile and social games.