Smith Micro Launches Poser Debut
February 24, 2011

Smith Micro Launches Poser Debut

Aliso Viejo, Calif. - Smith Micro Software Inc.'s Productivity and Graphics Group announced the availability of Poser Debut. The global animation software market is expected to reach $1.8 billion by 2015 and much of the new content will increasingly be created by today's up-and-coming animators. With blockbusters like Avatar and Toy Story 3 inspiring interest in 3D storytelling, the public is poised to move beyond being mere consumers of 3D content--they are now ready to be content creators.
Poser Debut enables users to bring their own 3D fantasies to life with easy-to-master 3D scene creation tools. Whether posing photorealistic human figures, animals, monsters, or aliens, Poser Debut makes first time 3D animation fun and easy with its step-by-step project guide tutorial videos. To serve as a starting point, Poser Debut includes more than 70 ready-to-pose characters with a wide variety of clothing, props, cameras, and lights that help users quickly create entire scenes on the virtual stage.

“When we talk to users that have never played with 3D before, we often hear that most 3D software programs on the market are expensive, extremely challenging to learn, and too complicated to be fun for beginners,” says Steve Yatson, senior director, Graphics Solutions for the Smith Micro Software Productivity and Graphics Group. “Based on that input, combined with a general public that is expressing significant interest in 3D content, we developed Poser Debut. We leveraged our 15 years of 3D design innovation to build a streamlined and beginner-focused version of our popular Poser product. Poser Debut delivers the power of the professional-grade Poser application, with a more basic feature set and affordable price point that will appeal to first-time users.”

Poser Debut Features and Benefits:
  • Graphical Interface -- The easy-to-use interface is designed to make getting started in 3D a snap, with tools and controls that are simple to understand.
  • Pose 3D Characters -- All the figures included with Poser Debut have very realistic, natural bending in each joint.
  • Over 70 Fully Rigged, Poseable 3D Characters -- Includes professional-quality, ready-to-pose 3D characters that can be dropped into any scene.
  • 2GB of Included Content -- Poser Debut comes with a rich collection of ready-to-use items so users can create scenes quickly and easily without having to worry about building assets from scratch.
  • Click and Drag Posing -- Click and drag on any item in the scene to pose figures joint by joint, or move lights and cameras in real time.
  • Drag and Drop Content Library -- Select any item in the library's display, then drag and drop that content directly into the scene. The Content Library supports full search to find just the right clothing, materials, or props that users might need to create any scene imaginable.
  • FireFly Rendering Engine -- Includes the FireFly Rendering Engine that transforms the users¹ 3D scene into a full color photorealistic or cartoon style image or animation.
  • Optimized for Performance -- Debut takes full advantage of the computer's multiple CPUs and cores to render scenes fast, bend figures easier, and display scenes more accurately.
The MSRP for Poser Debut is $49.99. Poser Debut is available direct from the Smith Micro online store at and from popular resellers, catalogs, and distribution partners worldwide.