Simian 2.0 Delivers Multimedia Platform for Creative Companies
March 18, 2011

Simian 2.0 Delivers Multimedia Platform for Creative Companies

Laguna Niguel, Calif. - Simian has launched Version 2.0 of its Web-based multimedia platform for creative companies in the advertising, film, television, music, and interactive media industries.

As well as a revamped design and streamlined functionality, Simian 2.0 features project workspaces, enhanced analytics, social syndication, metadata tagging, Web site integration, and custom presentations. 

Development of Simian 2.0 was driven by customer feedback and market demand for one easy-to-use platform to build, manage, present, and analyze a range of creative deliverables from media files to documents.

"Companies want to save time and increase productivity. It doesn't make sense to use a dozen different software applications for a dozen different tasks," states Jay Brooks, co-founder of Simian. "As an integrated platform, Simian 2.0 replaces such random tools with one feature-rich portal that improves accessibility to the workflow and increases collaboration for the entire creative team."

Simian Projects features an expanded toolset for collaborating on video, images, audio, documents and rich media. Role-based logins and secure link sharing make review and approval efficient. In addition to workflow tools, Projects also includes a Microsite builder which allows non-technical users build dynamic websites using predesigned themes to present content in new and exciting ways. 

Simian Reels features an expanded interface and simplified toolset so that everyday users can build and distribute media reels with ease. It boasts a highly evolved analytics tracking system that gives users critical data on who, what, and how media assets are being viewed and shared.

Simian Media Library includes a customizable asset manager for cataloging digital assets. Media files can be categorized, credited, and tagged for easy search and retrieval. Existing technical metadata is also imported and displayed in the same interface. Simian's video transcoding allows clips to be shared across multiple platforms and devices.