See How Additive Manufacturing is Revolutionizing Sculpture, Objects d'Art at RAPID 2011 Expo and Conference
March 31, 2011

See How Additive Manufacturing is Revolutionizing Sculpture, Objects d'Art at RAPID 2011 Expo and Conference

Minneapolis, Minn. - At RAPID 2011  Conference & Exposition, artists interested in experimenting with 3D printing can learn how additive manufacturing is revolutionizing art and sculpture design, May 24 to 26, 2011 at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis in Minneapolis. 
Speakers and an exhibition of artworks created using additive manufacturing will demonstrate the conceptual visualization, infinite edit ability, algorithmic shape development, and material flexibility of freeform fabrication are creating a new reality for artists through technology.

A contemporary art gallery displaying digital art created using additive manufacturing will be on display at RAPID.  Artists have been invited to submit work in a CAD/STL file to be printed by professional additive manufacturing service providers. All art will be juried for selection and display. The art will be displayed on 2 ft square pedestals. 

"This new, high-speed, on-demand medium allows the impossible to be possible -- from the finite barriers of reproduction for a single artist, to the unlimited reproductions of artists' works," explains Gary Mikola, event business manager, RAPID.  "Additive manufacturing is a whole new area of artistic endeavor, and provides an economic boost to artists looking to sell works of art."

The RAPID Conference, including 3D IMAGING, will offer more than 70 technical sessions , keynotes and panels by the top minds in the field addressing the use of additive manufacturing and 3D printing for industries as diverse as aerospace and defense, motor vehicles, medical devices and implants, consumer products, jewelry and architecture as well as offering information on equipment, engineering, casting and materials for use in manufacturing.

Sessions and panels covering the specific subject of additive manufacturing for art on Thursday May 26 at RAPID. include:
  • Art and Sculpture 
  • "Truth in Materials: Layer Based Artifacts as Integral Process and Surface," Rebecca Strzelec, Penn State Altoona
  • "Psycho Finnish Man with 3D Mermaids," Janne Kyttanen, Freedom of Creation
  • "A New Approach to the Design of Sculpture, Jewelry, and Decorative Objects Using 3D Scans of Natural Objects," Andrew Werby, United Artworks
  • Need to mention two others , Tiffany & Kendall College of Art.  See Thursday's sessions.  
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