Render Rocket Launches Server Rental Program for Media and Entertainment Industry
September 27, 2011

Render Rocket Launches Server Rental Program for Media and Entertainment Industry

Los Angeles, Calif. - Render Rocket LLC, a cloud-based rendering services company, has added a new server rental program to its on-demand rendering service.
It is designed for studios with fixed rendering budgets that want to increase rendering power at a fraction of the cost of owning or renting rendering systems. The server rental program includes two options: "Space Station" for normal rendering and "Lunar Base" for extreme rendering needs, both of which are now available.

Render Rocket offers individuals and studios the ability to purchase rendering time from its cloud-based service on an as-needed basis, which is ideal for short bursts of rendering. The new program addresses the longer-term rendering needs of mid-size and large studios. These studios have greater visibility to their upcoming rendering requirements and need to reduce capital expenditures and streamline production budgets. Render Rocket's server rental program gives studios the flexibility to quickly access additional servers on a weekly or monthly basis to help them meet their render deadlines, without having to bring machines in-house, set them up, and ensure they are working properly with the rest of the physical render farm.

"For many studios in today's uncertain economy, purchasing or renting more servers, finding more space for those servers, and paying for the power and the licensing to run those servers no longer makes financial sense," admits Ruben Perez, CEO of Render Rocket. "Our new server rental program gives studios the flexibility to seamlessly expand their render farms and their rendering capacity without the associated costs of purchasing systems themselves or setting them up in-house."

With the addition of the server rental program, Render Rocket now offers individuals, mid-size studios, and large production houses the following rendering options:

Launch Pad - Starting at $0.70 per core per hour, this on-demand option is ideal for those individuals, studios or companies that need short bursts of rendering capacity. Packages can also be purchased at discounted rates.

Space Station - This server rental option is ideal for companies that have visibility to rendering needs and run render jobs at night or specified times during the day. An introductory price of $99 per week or $297 per month per server is currently available. 

Lunar Base - This rental option is designed for those environments that need more rendering power 24/7, but don't want to purchase and maintain machines to handle that demand. The weekly price for Lunar Base begins at $245/week. Monthly pricing is also available.

All options are available immediately.