Red Giant Teams with Filmmaker Seth Worley to Create New Content, Presets for Red Giant Communities
October 12, 2011

Red Giant Teams with Filmmaker Seth Worley to Create New Content, Presets for Red Giant Communities

Portland, Ore. - Red Giant has teamed up with Seth Worley, acclaimed director and filmmaker, to develop new training content and presets for the Red Giant community.
Worley will develop a series of free video tutorials and content specifically tailored to filmmakers looking to learn more about the visual effects workflow, and how to integrate VFX into their projects. Seth is also developing a series of presets for Red Giant People - a collection of film looks and motion graphics templates--based on his personal creative style and that capture real-world perspectives from his current film projects.

Worley achieved Internet fame for "Plot Device," the short film he directed and co-produced with Red Giant in support of the launch of Magic Bullet Suite 11. Plot Device received over half a million views on Vimeo in its first two weeks, catapulting his visibility as a rising talent in the filmmaking community. 

"Supporting the Red Giant filmmaking community is a huge priority for us; it's about more than creating great product, it's also about providing an environment for our customers to learn and share their experiences," says Aharon Rabinowitz, director of communities for Red Giant. "I worked closely with Seth on Plot Device and got to see, first hand, his unique approach to problem solving for VFX on a tight budget--and I learned a ton in the process. Through the tutorials and presets he's creating, our users will have the same fantastic opportunity. It's truly a partnership for creating great content and growth in our community." 

"I have been a long-time fan of Red Giant and their applications have played such an important role in my creative process. Plot Device was the perfect vehicle for me to demonstrate the power and versatility of these incredible applications," adds Worley. "Today, this partnership now enables me to take that experience even deeper. My tutorials will dig more into the workflow and demonstrate for filmmakers the techniques and tips for effectively building visual effects into their work. And my presets are all built on assets I'm using every day, straight out of the projects I'm working on now, so users can easily and instantly work with and build off of what I've created."

Red Giant is providing a series of free video tutorials geared toward fillmmakers using VFX, and will include topics ranging from compositing, color correction, the use of Looks and general training for filmmakers. The first in a series of video tutorials created by Worley is focused on The Flip-a breakdown of how an actor was sent flipping through the air after being shot by an alien in Plot Device and is available on Red Giant TV.

Worley's presets are available in the Red Giant People section of the company's Website ( <> ).