Projectiondesign Ships F82 Series Projector with SXGA+ Resolution
October 3, 2011

Projectiondesign Ships F82 Series Projector with SXGA+ Resolution

Fredrikstad, Norway - Projectiondesign has announced a resolution and electronics upgrade to its flagship F82 series three-chip DLP projector. The company adds SXGA+ resolution, which helps meet requirements for widescreen video and computer- and data-centric imaging.

"By introducing the SXGA+ resolution users of systems that require 4:3 or closer to 1:1 aspect ratios optimizes the usage of pixels. SXGA+ resolution has traditionally been hard to find in 3-chip projection. Our partners in the simulation and training fields have asked for this capability, particularly to address the burgeoning update market where many manufacturers' legacy projectors require replacement due to age. In addition, we're happy to meet this demand head on, which also is seen in the Virtual Reality and Computer Aided Virtual Environments (CAVEs) space," explains Mike Raines, visual simulation manager at projectiondesign. 

At the same time, Advanced Optical Color Processing (ACOP) combines fixed and motorized optical filters, enabling optical calibration with near-infinite accuracy and no loss of bit depth. When combined with projectiondesign's RealColor color-management system, ACOP ensures on-site color calibration with performance to achieve any desired color standard.

With brightness levels at up to 10,000 ANSI lumens, a wide range of high performance lenses, and warranty coverage of up to 5 years of 24/7 operation, the F82 sx+ is well suited for deployment in mission-critical installations and applications.

The F82 sx+ is available now.