NextComputing Battery-powered Portable Workstation Offers Mobile Power Computing
July 7, 2011

NextComputing Battery-powered Portable Workstation Offers Mobile Power Computing

Nashua, N.H. - NextComputing, a provider of portable workstations and dense, small-footprint servers, announces the latest addition to its Radius series of mobile computers, the Radius EX-B.
Based on NextComputing’s Radius EX all-in-one portable workstation, the Radius EX-B is NextComputing’s first portable system to feature an integrated battery for total mobility.

Users in industries, such as military intelligence, oil and gas exploration, digital video production, and network testing, need high-performance hardware for their demanding applications. Features like full-powered CPUs, high-end 3D graphics, high-speed RAID storage, and PCI expansion slots are often required for these mission-critical applications. But when trying to run these applications in the field, these users are often forced to choose between large, non-mobile systems like a tower or rack-mount server that gives them the performance they require, or scale their application down to run on a laptop for mobility.

NextComputing solves this problem with the Radius EX-B. Like all NextComputing portables, the briefcase-like Radius EX-B is designed to offer true workstation and server performance in a compact, all-in-one package that is easy to transport and set up. But unlike other NextComputing portables, the Radius EX-B can run completely un-tethered, without being plugged into a power source. This feature is entirely unique in a desktop-class system and offers a number of advantages including:

• The ability to transport the system from room to room within a facility without powering down
• Keeping the unit running continuously in the event of a power failure
• Running the system in a remote environment where power is intermittent or unreliable such as military base station or trailer

The Radius EX-B features:

• 320W power supply with removable Lithium-ion battery pack, able to power the system at full-load for 2 hours
• Built-in 17-inch widescreen, high-resolution (1920x1200) LCD monitor
• Workstation-class 2nd Generation Intel Core i7 Quad-Core processor or Intel Xeon E3-1200 series processor
• Up to 32GB DDR3 memory (using 8GB DIMMs)
• Four (4) full-length, full-height PCI Express and PCI expansion slots
• Integrated Intel HD Graphics or discrete professional graphics solutions from NVIDIA and AMD
• Up to 6 terabytes (TB) of fixed or removable storage with multiple RAID options
• Optional 2nd and 3rd Clip-On, 1-inch thin 17-inch widescreen (1920x1200) monitors, able to run off of system battery power
• Compact, all-in-one chassis with comfortable leather handle and convenient carrying case
• Optional rolling case with telescoping handle or rugged MIL-STD-810F certified hard case

“Customers across many markets depend on our portable workstations and servers because they are the most flexible and capable mobile systems available, while also being the smallest and lightest,” says Bob Labadini, president/CTO of NextComputing. “Because they are powerful, enterprise-class computers, these systems have traditionally required external power, usually from a wall outlet or DC sources like vehicles. The Radius EX-B changes all this. Our customers now have a fully mobile, all-in-one workstation, able to run their applications from literally anywhere.”

The Radius EX-B is available now from NextComputing and its authorized resellers.