NEC Display Solutions Improves E Series Commercial-Grade, Large-Screen Displays
August 15, 2011

NEC Display Solutions Improves E Series Commercial-Grade, Large-Screen Displays

Chicago, Ill. -- NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading provider of commercial LCD display and projector solutions, announced the enhancement of its entry-grade E Series large-screen displays. The feature-rich 32-inch E322, 42-inch E422, 46-inch E462 and 55-inch E552 models are second generation products that aim to provide a cost-effective digital signage solution for conference rooms, retail stores, waiting rooms and corporate lobbies.

The new E Series models now include RS-232C to allow control from external equipment, synchronization of multiple displays and easy remote management. Another new feature is the integrated USB media player for photos and music, as well as an upgraded 3-year warranty. The second generation products continue to offer customers popular built-in features such as an analog/digital tuner, swivel stand, low-profile stereo speakers and closed captioning. Their impressive professional screen performance provides up to full HD resolution for stunning detail and high contrast ratio for crisp content.

"The additions we have included in the second generation E Series make them more flexible and easier to integrate with a multitude of digital signage configurations," said Rachel Karnani, Product Manager for Large-Screen Displays at NEC Display Solutions. "The RS-232C grants elevated control management for customers that desire remote capabilities of multiple displays, a feature many find useful in these types of applications. By increasing the standard warranty, NEC is showcasing its reliability and support with one of the strongest customer service teams in the industry."

The improved E Series includes the following features:

. Full high-definition 1080p resolution of 1920 x 1080 (E422, E462 and E552)

. Up to 5000:1 static contrast ratio

. Low power consumption reduces total cost of ownership

. Full connectivity with 3 HDMI inputs, Component Video, Composite Video and VGA

. Built-in closed captioning, which enables users to display text information for the hearing impaired

. Built-in ATSC/NTSC/QAM analog/digital tuner

. Built-in low profile stereo speakers

. Built-in swivel stand, which is detachable for wall mount applications

. Multiple picture modes, which adjust the picture appearance for optimum viewing experience

. Advanced video settings, which ensure source material is displayed properly and accurately

. Backlight adjust, which allows users to customize the backlight strength, enabling longer display life and lower power consumption

. Parental control (V-Chip Function), which allows users to block programs based on their rating category

. Input labeling, which allows users to assign labels to various inputs within the onscreen display (OSD)

. Optional accessories include external single board computer (TNETPC-ION) and wall mount kit (WMK-3257)

The E322, E422, E462 and E552 will be available in August 2011 at a minimum advertised price of $449, $699, $899 and $1349, respectively. All four displays ship with a 3-year parts and labor warranty, including the backlight.