Maxon Relaunches Cineversity Website
December 20, 2011

Maxon Relaunches Cineversity Website

NEWBURY PARK, CA — Maxon Computer, Inc. (, the developer of professional 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering solutions, has re-launched Cineversity, its online training and education resource for Cinema 4D users.
The redesigned site takes advantage of the latest Web innovations to provide users with a more intuitive interface, improved search and filtering capabilities for easier access, the ability to create custom playlists, and an interface for teachers to interact with their students. 

Digital artists and educators depend on the Cineversity site for tutorials that sharpen their 3D skill set as well as videos that highlight the latest Cinema 4D features. The Cineversity website was launched in 2006 with 100 tutorials. Since then, the site has grown exponentially to nearly 2000 video tutorials, resources and learning materials created by some of the 3D industry’s most celebrated and accomplished artists. To ensure the new Cineversity site would maximize the creative potential and productivity of its user base, Maxon conducted a survey asking artists and educators what changes and features they most wanted to see on the site. Respondents will be pleased to find a majority of what they asked for in the new site. 

“We’re very excited about the artist-friendly changes to Cineversity that will not only let users quickly search and filter results but also customize their Cinema 4D training with the creation of playlists,” said Paul Babb, President/CEO, Maxon US. “We are committed to the Cinema 4D community to provide educational material that will increase the artist’s proficiency and productivity.” 

"The enhancements to Cineversity make it even more valuable for Cinema 4D users looking for a serious training resource," adds Dirk Beichert, Marketing Director at Maxon headquarters in Germany. "We expect many customers will make use of the video tutorials offered by our US office to enhance their skills and produce higher quality artwork." 

Highlights of the new Cineversity site include: 

- Searching and Filtering – Quickly and Easily Find the Tutorials You Need 
The improved search and interactive filtering capabilities in Cineversity let users search for terms and further define results, making access to the content-rich site more effective. Searching is available in both the Tutorials and Playlists sections concurrently. Users can then create an RSS feed for their custom search results. 

- Playlists – Cinema 4D Training, Your Way 
Similar to those used for music, Cineversity now allows users to create custom playlists with selected tutorials. Artists and educators can create playlists for specific Cinema 4D tasks or subjects and organize, categorize and manage them for enhanced learning and productivity. Playlists can be made public or shared privately with other users. 

- Official Cineversity Playlists 
The Cineversity staff has assembled thematic playlists on a range of topics to help users maximize their Cinema 4D training. New playlists will be added regularly. 

- New User Dashboard 
Each user’s home page on Cineversity features a new dashboard interface that gives a quick and immediate overview of: 
New Tutorials 
New Cineversity playlists 
My Playlists: a premium member’s personal playlists 
Active Playlists: a list of all playlists a member has started to watch but not finished or bookmarked to watch later 
My Viewing History: a record of the most recent tutorials a member has watched. 
Student Management Tools for Teachers 

Instructors teaching a Cinema 4D class can now manage students through their user dashboard. Teachers can communicate with all or a selection of students, assign playlists and observe each student’s tutorial viewing progress. 

- Cineversity Live! 
The new site offers a direct link and show archive of Maxon’s bi-weekly “Cineversity Live!” webcast as well as a link to the webcast's new availability via Podcast. 

- Knowledge Base 
The new Cineversity now features a Wiki knowledge base where premium members can contribute to and share information relevant to Cinema 4D users and digital artists in general. 

- Sharing 
Members can now “share” their activities, “like” tutorials and link to content via all major social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube directly from the new Cineversity site.