Luxology Ships modo 501 Rigging Master Course
October 14, 2011

Luxology Ships modo 501 Rigging Master Course

Mountain View, Calif. - Instructor Rich Hurrey, in the first installment of Luxology's new professional training series, teaches users the skills necessary to create production-ready animation rigs in modo 501.
The modo 501 Rigging Master Course includes 26 hours of video training housed in an interactive framework that goes into the most depth that Luxology has ever offered on a topic.

A modeling and character technical director at Pixar Animation Studios, Rich Hurrey gives viewers a comprehensive foundation for getting the most from modo's deep animation toolset. The course starts with solid fundamentals and progresses to tutorials that explain how to rig models with increasingly complex behaviors. The course is ideal for anyone who wishes to deepen their understanding of modo and learn valuable techniques for rigging and animation.

"My goal was to pair a series of rigging exercises that build in complexity, with in-depth descriptions of all the tools and techniques required to create them," says Hurrey. "As people discover the power of modo's rigging tools, I hope they take this knowledge Top Gun-style to the rest of the modo community."

The course's format sets a new benchmark for interactivity in as much depth as they need. Luxology's documentation manager, James Darknell, worked closely with Rich Hurrey to develop extensively searchable documentation that embeds more than 26 hours of keyword-searchable videos. Using an intuitive, easy-to-navigate HTML interface, the supporting materials include video chapter markers, keyword searches, and cross-referenced links to related sections of both the training and modo's online documentation. The interactive framework also incorporates scene files, and an extensive glossary and FAQs, with links to specific topics throughout. Combining this depth of interactivity with Rich Hurrey's wealth of expertise, the Rigging Master Course sets a new standard for modo training materials.

The modo 501 Rigging Master Course is priced at $199. Luxology is offering special introductory pricing of $149 for the first two weeks. To purchase, contact any authorized Luxology reseller or visit