ISILON and ATEME Team for Enhanced Media Processing Performance
September 9, 2011

ISILON and ATEME Team for Enhanced Media Processing Performance

Paris, France - ISILON and ATEME announced an extended partnership to support high-performance content processing for video delivery to multiple screens.

By combining ISILON IQ Series scale out NAS storage and ATEME's TITAN transcoding platform, service operators benefit from increased throughput. The TITAN video processing speed is enhanced by ultra-fast storage, both for source files access and to write the processed content. Meanwhile, the storage capacity expressed in number of titles is expanded by the compression efficiency of TITAN.

The partnership dramatically simplifies the operational challenges of multi-screen transcoding workflows. Installed in a matter of hours, the solution scales out linearly with the expansion of the content catalog, the migration to HD, or as new output formats are added to support more viewing devices. It takes only minutes to add transcoding blades or storage capacity: No re-design, no downtime.

The combination of ISILON IQ NAS Storage and the ATEME TITAN Transcoder is proven and delivers content for more than 40 million pay TV subscribers worldwide already. The partnership will further simplify access to the solution for many more service operators as they move from tape to file-based workflows or enhance Video on Demand offerings.