HP Expands Display Portfolio
September 29, 2011

HP Expands Display Portfolio

Palo Alto, Calif. - HP has extended its portfolio to include the company's first 27-inch diagonal performance display with more than 1 billion colors, the industry's first sub-$200 display with in-plane switching (IPS) technology, and HP's first 47-inch diagonal multitouch Digital Signage Display.

The HP ZR2740wZR2440wZR2240w, and  ZR2040w Performance Displays feature LED backlit IPS panels and deliver ultimate performance for professionals that value exceptional image accuracy.

The HP Compaq LE2202x Essential Display is for businesses that need affordable display technology in a thin profile with a small footprint.

The HP LD4220tm and HP LD4720tm Digital Signage Displays allow customers to interact with business messages in a simple yet powerful way.

The HP SignagePlayer mp8200 provides smooth and reliable operation in demanding digital signage applications.

In addition, the popular HP rp5800 Retail System is now offered in a  Digital Signage Edition specifically configured for reliable playback of digital signage and interactive media.

"Design, animation and gaming professionals push the limits of display technology every day simply to do their jobs-and HP has met their needs with a wider range of solutions than ever before," says Jun Kim, vice president and general manager, Display Business Unit, HP. "HP offers customers robust displays and innovative, interactive digital signage products that are the new face of retail and hospitality."

The four new HP ZR-series Performance Displays are aimed at professionals in animation, game development, broadcast, computer-aided design, design, and graphic arts, where performance and visual quality are imperative. The HP ZR2740w, ZR2440w, ZR2240w, and ZR2040w displays come with light-emitting diode (LED) backlights for a slim industrial design, more robust colors and the elimination of mercury. All of HP's ZR series displays employ IPS technology for ultrawide viewing angles. They offer up to 10 times higher contrast ratios when viewed from an angle as compared to mainstream monitors that use twisted nematic (TN) technology.

The HP ZR2740w generates more than 1 billion onscreen colors for smooth color transitions. The HP ZR2440w, ZR2240w, and ZR2040w show up to 16.7 million displayable colors. Customers can choose from a range of sizes--20-, 21.5-, 24-, and 27-inch diagonal screens-and resolutions ranging from 1600x900 to 2560x1440, with the HP ZR2240w and ZR2440w providing 2-million-to-1 dynamic contrast ratios.

All four displays have sRGB-class color gamuts. The sRGB color space is the industry standard for web browsers, digital cameras and printers and also matches the Rec. 709 color space used for HDTVs and video editing.

To give creative professionals a complete experience, HP Performance Displays undergo extensive testing to ensure compatibility with HP Z Workstations and feature coordinated brushed-aluminum accents. HP Performance Displays easily connect to a variety of devices, with the HP ZR2240w providing a full range of DisplayPort, DVI-D, HDMI, and VGA inputs.

The HP ZR2740w also features the HP Direct Drive Architecture that transmits the color value from the workstation graphics card directly to the billion-color panel with no alteration in the display. The HP ZR2440w, ZR2240w, and ZR2040w are rated ENERGY STAR 5.

Additionally, the 21.5-, 24-, and 27-inch diagonal models feature an eight-way comfort adjust stand and new HP Quick Release 2, which is mounted flush on the back of the display for easy VESA mounting. All HP Performance Displays come with a three-year standard limited warranty.

The new HP Compaq LE2202x, with its small footprint, helps customers free up limited space and adds a modern touch to the workplace. Solid-state LED technology allows for enhanced color performance and a thinner profile than previous HP Essential Displays.

The LE2202x provides full HD1920x1080 native resolution and fast, 5ms response times offer crisp and detailed views. The 21.5-inch diagonal panel is BFR/PVC-, mercury-, and arsenic-free, and the display's flat packaging reduces waste and shipping cost.

The two new HP Digital Signage Displays - the HP LD4220tm and LD4720tm-help retailers meet the needs of shoppers in multichannel retailing environments. The 42- and 47-inch diagonal LCD displays deploy a multitouch screen that uses unique scanning infrared technology, including embedded sensors to provide more accurate touch recognition. This technology also enhances the retail experience by enabling customers to use their fingertips to scroll through screens or perform many common multitouch gestures.

The full 1080p widescreen displays feature enhanced digital connectivity including HDMI or DVI, VGA, and DisplayPort. The monitors provide plug-and-play convenience from a simple USB key and can be set in either a horizontal or vertical position for more flexible placement options. The displays are engineered for demanding 24/7 usage and come with a standard three-year limited warranty vs. typical one-year warranties available for TVs.

The HP SignagePlayer mp8200 is optimized to work with the latest digital signage software to provide smooth and reliable operation in demanding retail environments. The mp8200 features Intel Core technology and is preinstalled with the Windows Embedded Standard 7 operating system.

The new HP rp5800 Retail System, Digital Signage Edition drives two discrete channels of content with a powerful graphics subsystem and comes with retail-hardened features including the ability to operate in a 40 degree C (105 degree F) environment. It features an extra-long manufacturing life cycle to support extended deployment schedules and provide a consistent platform across enterprise digital signage networks.

HP offers professional installation services to help businesses quickly and affordably deploy digital signage solutions. HP Integrated Solution Bundles include project management, site surveys, and standard digital signage installation.

The HP ZR2040w, ZR2240w, ZR2440w, and ZR2740w start at $189, $289, $425, and $729, respectively. They all can be ordered today on hp.com. The ZR2040w, ZR2240w, and ZR2740w are available immediately, and the ZR2440w will be available in October.

The HP Compaq LE2202x is now available and starts at $179. The HP LD4220tm and HP LD4720tm Digital Signage Displays are planned to be available in early October in all regions.

The HP rp5800 Retail System, Digital Signage Edition, and HP SignagePlayer mp8200 configurations are planned to be available in September.