Graphisoft to introduce GREEN-BIM Solutions at Ecobuild America
October 26, 2011

Graphisoft to introduce GREEN-BIM Solutions at Ecobuild America

Budapest, Hungary - Graphisoft will demonstrate the latest developments in its EcoDesigner product line at its new Technology User Sessions and an ArchiCAD User Group meeting during Ecobuild America in Washington, D.C., from Dec. 5 through 9, 2011.

The "Energy Analysis Simplified with BIM" keynote presentation and learning track will provide architects, engineers, and contractors the opportunity to explore the latest software applications designed to meet their ever-changing needs. The ArchiCAD User Group event will teach practitioners tips, tricks, and features related to ArchiCAD.

"The AEC space is in transition with BIM and other advanced technologies among the most influential drivers of change in our industry," says Steve Benford, managing director, Graphisoft North America. "Model based collaboration, workflow integration, mobility, and sustainability are all linked for maximizing added value and minimizing cost."

Graphisoft tech user sessions include:

Energy Analysis Simplified with BIM - A demonstration of how ArchiCAD BIM software integrated with EcoDesigner delivers BIM-integrated sustainable design technology, providing real solutions to relevant green building design issues.

Interoperability with OPEN BIM - Move away from working in an environment of disconnected silos. Learn how to:

  • Effectively filter and save your models as IFC so they are useable by extended project teams.
  • Use common reference standards and classification systems like OmniClass throughout the building lifecycle.
  • Realize the positive impact of IFC on sharing BIM data for sustainable projects and energy analysis.

Teaching BIM to your 2D CAD Team - The vast majority of BIM users were once 2DCAD users, so you will be in good company while you learn:

  • How BIM automatically handles the management of drawing scale configurations and layer assignments, freeing up more of your time to focus on design instead of mundane tasks.
  • How 2D documentation is automatically generated and updated in the background while you create your Building Information Models.
  • The benefits of a BIM approach for sustainable design. Also see the related session "BIM & High Performance Collaboration."

BIM & High Performance Collaboration - Learn how GraphisoftArchiCAD combined with Graphisoft BIM Server will let your team:

  • Share BIM projects for any size or setup of design teams involving team members regardless of their physical location.
  • Protect project data and support user rights for team management.
  • Discover conflicts and resolve them live in the model in minutes, rather than days or weeks.
  • Evaluate the benefits of working within a single model that is always up-to-date with complete information.

5 Ways to Expand Your BIM Utilization Today - Expand on your BIM utilization and start reeling in the benefits when you:

  • Learn how Graphisoft BIMx lets you explore, communicate and share your models with every project team member - even if they don't know BIM or own BIM Software
  • Use BIM tools to create complex objects and building components
  • Pair your BIM model with Google Earth for building siting and viewshed management
  • Learn how ArchiCAD's BIM engine can be used to verify project data and provide calculations for the certification process
  • Create custom, interactive schedules to list and manage any items in your BIM model

ArchiCAD User Group Meeting - Meet and collaborate with your peers at the ArchiCAD User Group. Graphisoft representatives will be at hand to discuss future trends and address questions. The featured topic for this meeting will be Graphisoft EcoDesigner. Join us to learn how to greater optimize your early designs by understanding the energy performance implications of design alternatives