Digital-Tutors Unveils 14 New Training Courses
August 25, 2011

Digital-Tutors Unveils 14 New Training Courses

Oklahoma City, Okla. - Digital-Tutors is expanding its online computer graphics training library with 14 new training courses and five advanced Creative Development courses geared toward helping industry pros and CG students learn top media and entertainment software applications.

The monthly release of new courses developed by the team at Digital-Tutors brings new, detailed training for Autodesk Maya 2012, Autodesk Softimage 2012, Autodesk Mudbox 2012, Autodesk MotionBuilder 2012, The Foundry's Nuke 6.2, Adobe Photoshop CS5, and MAXON's Cinema 4D.

The second release of new training in the Creative Development Series adds to the in-depth and advanced courses offered by Digital-Tutors. In this release, subscribers gain industry-leading insight, tips, and tricks for using 3ds Max, mental ray, Maya, and V-Ray for Cinema 4D.

New Training August 2011:

  • 3D Pan and Tile Sky Replacement in NUKE 6.2 v4
  • Introduction to ICE Procedural Modeling in Softimage 2012
  • Procedural ICE Modeling in Softimage 2012
  • Maya Modeling Reference Library: Normals
  • Introduction to MotionBuilder 2012
  • Rigging Wings in Softimage 2012
  • Introduction to Photoshop CS5
  • Light and Color Study - Night Scene  
  • Professional Series: Modeling Military Vehicles in Maya 2012
  • Exploring NURBS in Maya 2012
  • Sculpting Workflows in Mudbox 2012
  • Introduction to Maya 2012
  • Introduction to MoGraph in CINEMA 4D
  • Introduction to mental ray in Softimage 2012
  • 50 AskDT Individual Lessons for Maya

New Creative Development Training Courses August 2011:

  • Creative Development: Visual Effects with 3ds Max and Pflow with Jacques Pena
  • Creative Development: Guerilla Lighting and Rendering Tactics in Maya with Ed Whetstone
  • Creative Development: Enhanced IK Animal Rigging with Farley Chery
  • Creative Development: Mixed Modeling Techniques in 3ds Max 2012 with Todd Daniele
  • Creative Development: V-Ray for CINEMA 4D with Adam Chase

All training courses are available with a subscription to Digital-Tutors. Creative Development courses are free for a limited-time to all active subscribers.