Digital-Tutors Collaborates with Autodesk on Exclusive 3ds Max 20th Anniversary Training Course
January 17, 2011

Digital-Tutors Collaborates with Autodesk on Exclusive 3ds Max 20th Anniversary Training Course

Oklahoma City, Okla. – Digital-Tutors, the largest online computer graphics training library, in cooperation with Autodesk<> , world leader in 2D and 3D design, engineering and entertainment software, announced the release of '3ds Max for Motion Graphics,' a free step-by-step course for students, hobbyists, professionals and educators utilizing Autodesk 3ds Max, a comprehensive, integrated modeling, animation and rendering solution for game developers, visual effects artists and graphic designers.
Available through Autodesk's Web site, '3ds Max for Motion Graphics' provides nearly five hours of interactive training including 38 in-depth lessons to learning an end-to-end creative motion graphics workflow. '3ds Max for Motion Graphics' is authored by four Digital-Tutors instructors, each teaching in their core areas of expertise including modeling, animation, rendering and compositing, and presents a complete overview of the tools and techniques essential to utilizing the powerful, full-featured toolset accessible in 3ds Max.

To access '3ds Max for Motion Graphics,' please visit:  

3ds Max for Motion Graphics

Key topics and highlights: importing splines, boolean operations, modifier stack, instancing modifiers, shaping, animating objects along a path, animation layers, animating with autokey, adding squash and stretch, SuperSpray particles, forces to particles, particle flow, multiple PFlow events, rendered PFlow results, cloth dynamics, dynamic forces, scene states, render elements, batch rendering, post-process effects, rendering glows, broadcast station ID logo, Maxscript, compositing render elements, edge glows, glows and flares, CC light burst 2.5, 3D camera using manual tracking in MatchMover, coordinates for export, and rendering a scene using MatchMover camera data.