Digieffects Adds Workflow Enhancements to Delirium, Damage Family of VFX Plug-ins
May 27, 2011

Digieffects Adds Workflow Enhancements to Delirium, Damage Family of VFX Plug-ins

Wilmington, N.C. - Digieffects has integrated into its family of Delirium v2 and Damage v2 VFX plug-ins workflow-enhancing technology, designed to accelerate the editing and VFX workflow for Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro artists.
By integrating AutoAnimate capabilities into several of its plug-ins, Digieffects enables editors and VFX artists to drop an effect on any clip in a Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro timeline and instantly see animated results, in real time with no rendering, says a representative.

Digieffects AutoAnimate capability eliminates the tedium of manually animating parameters of the effects to test their viability in the shot, which is typically a time consuming and impractical process for editors and VFX artists on a deadline. There is no need to keyframe any of the controls unless users want to adjust a certain parameter over the course of time, adds the representative. When users select the Delirium or Damage plug-in that works for the shot, they can adjust the controls within the settings and that effect will be AutoAnimated.

Delirium v2 includes 45 effects in 5 categories, such as Phenomena, Color, Patterns & Distortions, Mood, and Compositing Tools. Additionally, the Delirium v2 family of VFX plug-ins are available for purchase individually as part of the Company’s a la carte offerings. Delirium v2 plug-ins enabled with AutoAnimate include:
• Bubbles
• Crazy Stripes
• Electrical Arcs
• Fairy Dust
• Fire
• Fireworks
• FogFactory
• Muzzle Flash
• Nexus
• Rainfall
• Smoke
• Snowstorm
• Sparks
• Stargate

Damage V2 includes 7 effects to artistically degrade footage, including Aged Film, Archive, Blockade, Destabilizer, Interference, Overexpose and Skew, and are all enabled with AutoAnimate capability.

Digieffects’ entire family of VFX plug-ins are available immediately and are priced as follows:
• Delirium V2: $299.00
• Damage V2: $99.00
• Buena Depth Cue V2: $199.00