Dell Unveils New Solutions for the Evolving Workforce
February 10, 2011

Dell Unveils New Solutions for the Evolving Workforce

Round Rock, Texas - Dell has announced 24 new business computing solutions and form factors, including laptops, tablets, desktops and workstation computers, targeting at addressing “the needs of an evolving workforce that demands anytime, anywhere access to business applications and data,” says a company spokesperson.
The new Dell solutions give businesses the “Power To Do More” and raise the bar in terms of design, manageability, and security. They are engineered from the ground up to make end-users more efficient, while providing the right level of control for IT, says the representative.

New offerings include the Dell Latitude E5420, E5520, E6220, E6320, E6420, E6520, and E6420 ATG laptops and XT3 convertible tablet. Additionally, Dell is introducing the Dell OptiPlex 990, 790, and 390 desktops, as well as an OptiPlex Small Form Factor All-in-One Solution. Dell also announced the Dell Precision T1600 desktop workstation and Dell Precision M6600 and M4600 mobile workstations.

Dell plans to extend its existing tablet portfolio with a 10-inch, Windows 7-based, business-ready tablet later this year. The upcoming tablet is designed for end-users who need greater mobility, as well as IT organizations that demand control, security, manageability, and integration with existing infrastructure investments.

The entire Latitude E-Family has been refreshed with new Latitude laptops and tablet. The new Latitude family of laptops includes more than 100 design improvements and new features to meet evolving business needs, including an increasing demand for security and manageability. New additions to the Dell Latitude family support a range of usage needs:

The Latitude E5420 and E5520 laptops are well suited for professionals looking for a budget-conscientious blend of mobility and at-your-desk computing.

The Latitude E6220, E6320, E6420, E6520, and E6420 ATG business-rugged laptops are designed for demanding conditions, with hard-wearing MIL-STD-tested Tri-Metal casing and durable displays.

The new Latitude laptops offer the following:
• Completely new design from the ground up;
• Enhanced security--Dell Data Protection, Remote Data Delete and Free Fall Sensor to protect against drops;
• Planned support for pre-integrated Citrix and VMware remote desktop clients;
• Latitude commonality across 26 models--1 dock, battery, keyboard footprint--making the management of systems much easier;
• Still the only enterprise platform with a backlit keyboard option for productivity anywhere; and,
• Intel 2nd generation Core processors and new graphics and memory.

Designed to be the most secure, flexible, and manageable desktops, the OptiPlex family provides day-to-day productivity of critical business tasks. The new family includes the OptiPlex 990, 790, and 390 desktops and offers the following:
• Common, stable image for all chassis--tool free access to system components;
• Small footprints and more chassis options;
• Planned compatibility with desktop virtualization lineup; and,
• New Intel vPro processor technology and new graphics and memory.

Dell Precision workstations are purpose built for high performance and high scalability. The systems are specifically designed for professional users who run graphics and compute-intensive applications for engineers in design and analysis, scientific exploration, special effects, animation, digital imaging, professional audio, and economic and financial modeling.

Dell announced the Dell Precision T1600 workstation and features the following:
• Single-socket, entry-level workstation designed for professional 2D and entry-level 3D applications;
• ISV certification on AutoCAD, Pro/ENGINEER, and other select software applications;
• Intel 2nd generation Core and Xeon processors, Intel HD or add-in professional; graphics from AMD and Nvidia; and,
• Just-right-size toolless chassis.

Also announced, the Dell Precision M6600 and M4600 mobile workstations are designed for users who need raw horsepower, superior design and usability, world-class scalable performance, and certified-operation.

To help companies quickly deploy and manage new business computing solutions, Dell KACE appliances automate time-consuming manual IT tasks from initial computer deployment to ongoing management and retirement. Providing hardware and software inventory, software distribution, patch management, and OS and application imaging, Dell KACE appliances offer easy-to-use, comprehensive management for local and remote systems.

Available with Dell’s new business computing solutions, Dell Data Protection | Encryption is a flexible, manageable, and auditable endpoint encryption solution that helps customers simplify data protection and comply with security regulations. The solution is designed to help companies protect endpoint devices, which serve as the “front door” to sensitive information.

The Dell Latitude E5000 series starts at $859 USD. The Dell OptiPlex 390 pricing starts at $650 USD. The starting price for the Dell Precision T1600 workstation is $840 USD.

Availability information and pricing for additional systems will be released in the coming weeks.