Creative Science and Colorfront Announce Strategic Business Relationship
April 19, 2011

Creative Science and Colorfront Announce Strategic Business Relationship

 Los Angeles, Calif. - Los Angeles-based entertainment technology company Creative Science and Academy Award winning Budapest-based film services company Colorfront have announced a strategic business relationship.
The deal establishes Creative Science as an authorized rental, integration, and training provider in North America for Colorfront's On-Set Dailies, a powerful and dedicated dailies system designed to deliver color graded, sound-sync dailies from multiple hours of footage for multiple deliverables, rendered in parallel at extremely high speeds. 
Creative Science provides technology development, process design, and implementation consulting to the motion picture and television production industries. Prior to NAB, Creative Science purchased a number of On-Set Dailies software licenses which have been integrated into hardware systems available for rent to production companies, operators, studios, and post-production service providers. On-Set Dailies is compatible with the latest digital cinema cameras such as ARRI ALEXA, RED EPIC, and PHANTOM and features sophisticated stereo 3D image processing, increasing the speed of any dailies workflow.
As part of its value added offering, Creative Science will develop custom software tools and applications complementing Colorfront's On-Set Dailies platform. Creative Science will host training for digital imaging technicians and other potential users and operators from its offices in Los Angeles.
Creative Science's decision to support On-Set Dailies was based upon several key factors, including:
Support of all popular digital camera acquisition formats, freeing operators from learning a new system or workflow for each new acquisition format

  • A powerful software architecture, which utilizes multiple GPU & CPU resources to produce file-based dailies and deliverables faster than any other system
  • 32-bit-per-channel, floating-point image processing, including ARRIRAW debayering
  • Sophisticated stereo 3D image processing and functionality
  • Seamless integration with Colorfront's recently announced On-Set Color iPad grading app, supporting communication of cinematographic intent between cinematographers and dailies colorists
  • Advanced audio syncing and visible metadata burn-in capability
  • Ability to integrate multiple On-Set Dailies systems for task division among teams of operators on large 2D or 3D shoots generating massive amounts of source material

"At a time when 'workflow fatigue' has directed focus away from the creative process with custom and often times unproven IT pipelines, Creative Science recognized that Colorfront had developed the most innovative and powerful application of its kind," said Marco Bario, Partner at Creative Science and long time veteran of the production and post production industries. "Having collaborated with the key players at Colorfront during their success with Lustre, we know what they are capable of and we are proud to partner with them in extending the reach of On-Set Dailies to filmmakers in North America."
"We are extremely delighted to have industry veterans Marco Bario, Mike Doggett and Merle Sharp of Creative Science line up behind On-Set Dailies," said Aron Jaszberenyi, Founder and Managing Director of Colorfront. "The system has had an amazing success since its launch at IBC 2010, and this partnership will take it to another level. On-Set Dailies has a powerful image processing engine, but is also fully open and customizable, with a database backend for metadata and python scripting, allowing for easy extendibility and integration with third-party systems. Creative Science got this in a blink, and we can't wait to see how far they will take it."