CoreMelt Unleashes CoreMeltFREE
March 22, 2011

CoreMelt Unleashes CoreMeltFREE

Sydney, Australia – CoreMelt, a leading provider of advanced video plug-in effects, recently announced  CoreMeltFREE , a compelling new collection of 33 visual effects plug-ins based on CoreMelt Complete V2, the company’s comprehensive line of professional products featuring over 200 GPU accelerated plug-ins for faster rendering and workflow.
The CoreMeltFREE bundle includes an assortment of plug-ins from each of the eight products in CoreMelt Complete V2 – from soft organic glows and blurs to advanced color correction tools and instant photo montages, to audio reactive animations – power-packed to give motion graphics artists and editors working in Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, Motion, and After Effects (Editions: CS3, CS4 and CS5 64 bit) an effortless way to sample the highest quality visual effects tools without any restrictions completely free.

Steve Douglas, technology reviewer for and sites and renowned underwater videographer has used CoreMelt plug-ins since 2007 ranging from small commercial promos to underwater and African safari documentaries.

''CoreMelt Complete continues to be my 'go to' effects package for the majority of my editing needs and I’m still surprised when I discover new and unique uses for so many of them,'' says Steve. ''Free plugins from CoreMelt? I would gladly pay for them as the ones I already own are many of my absolute favorites. The new CoreMeltFREE plug-in bundle is a great opportunity to check out just how easy, intuitive and stable they are to use -- no muss, no fuss, just high quality editing effects and transitions.''

Inside CoreMeltFREE:
The CoreMeltFREE bundle includes a sampling of plug-ins from the CoreMelt Complete V2 range of products, as follows:

ImageFlow FX V2: Features 30 dynamic animation styles to create stunning montage animations from stills, movies and compositions

Editors Tools V2: A collection of 54 plug-ins containing two bundles -- Pigment for advanced color correction and Gadget, the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of video utility tools geared to help editors and artists polish and manage every day ‘bread & butter’ editing challenges.

Motion Graphics Box V2: A collection of 60 plugins containing two bundles. Luminous featuring assorted glows and blurs necessary to illuminate motion graphics projects; and Shatter, which provides a range of cutting edge, stylized, funky and grungy effects. Aimed at editors creating motion graphics for music videos and intro sequences, this collection provides quick and intuitive control for enhanced workflow.

PolyChrome Transitions V2: A collection of 61 motion and filmic transition effects aimed at FCP editors working on corporate or event video projects that want to add more depth to transitions between cuts. Contained in two bundles – Delta V for 3D, layer, grunge and stylized motion transitions, and TRX for specialized filmic and high color transitions featuring precision dissolves and fades for 10-bit color workflows.

VeeYou V2: The CoreMelt VeeYou V2 package is comprised of 14 plugins that instantly give artists creating music videos, voice overlays and high impact scenes heavy with motion graphics such as intro sequences great looking EQ, VU and waveform animations that sync to audio.

For more information about individual plugins contained in each of these bundles and to watch a demo about the complete package, click here:

CoreMeltFREE Availability:
CoreMeltFREE is available now from CoreMelt. To download a complimentary copy, please visit, Until the end of March 2011, customers who download CoreMeltFREE will also be entitled to purchase CoreMeltComplete V2 at a special 30% savings off the standard price. To take advantage of this promotional offer, please visit,