Canon U.S.A. introduces Ultra-Short Throw Projector with Widescreen WXGA Resolution, 3D Support
November 2, 2011

Canon U.S.A. introduces Ultra-Short Throw Projector with Widescreen WXGA Resolution, 3D Support

Lake Success, N.Y. –Canon U.S.A. Inc. has introduced the LV-8235 Ultra-Short Throw (UST) Multimedia Projector for a variety of 3D or 2D display applications, including educational presentations, advertising/digital signage, or museum/arcade rear-projection screens.

Capable of projecting an 80-inch picture from a distance of only 1.04 foot, the LV-8235 UST can sit on a table or be mounted horizontally or vertically on a wall, ceiling, or floor. With a high brightness rating of 2500 lumens and a maximum display size of 110 inches, the LV-8235 UST delivers imagery in the WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution 16:10 aspect ratio, which eliminates cropping or distortion when presenting HD video or graphics created on widescreen laptops.

The Canon LV-8235 UST Multimedia Projector can be used for normal 2D display or stereoscopic 3D display, depending upon user preference. The frame-sequential method of 3D display employed by the projector switches parallax images intended for the left eye and right eye at very high speed, and requires the use of active-shutter type glasses for viewers to experience stereoscopic 3D imagery.

With an ultra-short focus mirror optical system, this new model directs the images it generates through the projection lens and onto a built-in reflection mirror for loop-back through a projection window. This configuration makes it possible to use a table or a floor as a projection screen. The ultra-short throw capability also allows users to install the projector in a wide range of compact positions, including – through the use of approved brackets and attachments – horizontal or vertical wall or ceiling mounts. Examples of ultra-short throw applications include 3D or 2D rear-projection in museums or arcades, or digital signage use in which store-front product promotions can be projected onto the sidewalk or the floor of a shopping mall to attract the attention of people walking by. The Canon LV-8235 UST Multimedia Projector is also well suited for many classroom applications where proximity to the whiteboard or screen helps to minimize the possibility of obstructions to projected images.

The LV-8235 UST Multimedia Projector’s ultra-short throw capabilities and close proximity to the screen also minimize shadows as well as glare that could shine in an education or business presenter’s eyes. Users in these sectors enjoy a long list of additional beneficial features that make using the projector simple to use for maximizing the effectiveness of visual communication. Other features of this new projector include:

·   Computer Synchronization – an automatic feature that turns on when a computer is connected to the projector and an input signal is detected. The feature then automatically synchronizes the projector with the computer’s screen resolution.

·   Direct Power-On – useful for inaccessible ceiling-installed projectors, this feature automatically turns on the projector when the power cord is plugged into an outlet, eliminating the need to press the power switch on the unit.

·   2000:1 Contrast Ratio –this feature ensures images with crisp blacks, depth and dimension.

·   HDMI Digital Input – provides the ability to project high-quality digital images and 1080p HD video from digital cable and satellite boxes, and a variety of HD inputs, such as Blu-ray players. Inputs for analog PC, digital PC, analog component and composite video, two analog audio inputs, and one analog audio output (for relaying audio through external speakers) are also included.

·   Built-In10-Watt Speaker – a high-output speaker designed to provide the audio amplification needed for most classrooms and conference rooms.

·   RJ-45 Network Connection – allows users to manage and control multiple projectors from a network PC.

·   RS-232C Serial Connection – enables users to control the projector locally through a third-party control system.

·   Quiet Operation – At only 28dBA (in Eco mode), the new LV-8235 UST is exceptionally quiet. The cooling system is designed to efficiently dissipate heat while keeping the noise level at a minimum.

The Canon LV-8235 UST Multimedia Projector has a suggested list price of $1799 and is currently available.