Assimilate Ships Scratch for Data-centric DI
July 8, 2011

Assimilate Ships Scratch for Data-centric DI

Santa Clara, Calif. - Assimilate, a provider of postproduction tools for digital workflows, has released Scratch Six, its end-to-end digital cinema and broadcast imaging tool for postproduction workflows.

Released simultaneously on Mac OS X and Windows 7, Scratch Six is Assimilate's flagship data-centric DI system for the playback, conform, editing, color grading, compositing, and finishing of RED camera and high-end digital workflows. Its new price tag of $17,995 USD reflects today's market demand for maximum price-performance amongst independent and documentary filmmakers, episodic broadcast facilities, and boutique postproduction houses, says a representative.

Scratch Six is paired with Scratch Lab, also released on Mac and Windows, is a digital lab tool designed to meet the requirements of on-location workflows and VFX dailies pipelines. 

This new generation of Scratch delivers a DI toolset for data-centric digital cinema and broadcast productions on 2D and 3D stereo projects, up to 5K resolutions and beyond. Significant new features include a multilayer timeline for tighter integration with editorial systems, advanced tracking, and keying technology for color grading and VFX workflows, new paint tools, plus the widest support for input/output formats in the industry. Scratch Six's new compositing, color grading, and paint features include: 
  • Advanced tracking and keying for greater control over grading than ever. New state-of-the art tracking tools combine the accuracy of point tracking with an easy-to-use shape tracker. Multiple keyers, with fine controls, offer artists unlimited creative options to tackle the most sophisticated grades.
  • Vector paint tools for non-destructive painting - paint set-ups can be saved and re-applied on different images, enabling versioning.
  • Support for Avid's Artist Color and Tangent Wave and CP 200 control panels with 150 map-able functions for auxiliary control surfaces.

Scratch Six's enhanced 3D Stereo features include:

  • Bicubic controls - high-accuracy controls for fixing lens differences and distortion to assist in making left and right eyes identical.

Scratch Six's extended input/output formats include:

  • Multilayer timeline support - automatically reproduces multilayer timelines from AAF and FCP XMLs, saving huge amounts of time.
  • Widest range of input formats, including 5K RED Epic, ARRIRAW, Phantom, SI-2K, Panasonic & DSLR cameras, output formats including DPX, DNxHD MXF, ProRes 422 and 444 (Mac OS version only), TIFF, JPEG, and QuickTime.