3Dconnexion 3D Mice Help LightWave 10 Artists Interact with Designs with Increased Control, Productivity, and Comfort
July 20, 2011

3Dconnexion 3D Mice Help LightWave 10 Artists Interact with Designs with Increased Control, Productivity, and Comfort

Boston, Mass. - NewTek has integrated 3D mouse support into its LightWave 10, offering 3D digital artists the performance, productivity, and comfort benefits inherent in 3D mice, such as those from 3Dconnexion.

"LightWave 10 delivers a set of groundbreaking new tools for 3D artists, and the integration of 3Dconnexion 3D mice support enhances the level of design interaction with models and animations," says Rob Powers, vice president of 3D software development, NewTek. "Plain and simple--3D mice help our customers create animations faster, easier, and with more comfort, all critical needs in today's fast-paced design environment."
3Dconnexion 3D mice complement the entire creative workflow in LightWave 10, from creating assets with Modeler to controlling lights, cameras, objects, or timelines in the Layout module. In addition, 3D mice offer directors and artists limitless potential to explore their creativity using LightWave's Virtual Studio tool when working in virtual 3D sets, says a representative.

Highlights include: 
Creating 3D Models: In LightWave Modeler, a 3D mouse gives artists the freedom to navigate views of models while simultaneously selecting commands and editing models with a traditional mouse. 
Navigating Views: In LightWave Layout, a 3D mouse gives designers another level of control over 3D scenes and views with three possible modes - walk, fly, and orbit. Whether showcasing scenes or doing an architectural walk-through, a 3D mouse enables users to seamlessly switch perspective views, and seamlessly pan and zoom.

Controlling Animations and Timelines: In LightWave Layout, 3D mice movements allow designers to select an object, such as a camera, light or bone, and place it within a 3D scene as if they were holding the model in their hand. Additionally, users can effortlessly move back and forth through scene timelines with a simple twist of the 3D mouse cap. 
Producing Virtual Sets: With LightWave's Virtual Studio tool and a 3D mouse, digital artists can create and interact with a virtual 3D set in real time, controlling characters through 3D mouse movements. For example, twisting the 3D mouse cap left or right makes the avatar's head look left or right. For added control, multiple 3Dconnexion 3D mice can be used to manipulate several characters and their traits.
"LightWave 10 is an advanced animation software, providing the speed, flexibility, and control for designing stunning graphics and animation," says Antonio Pascucci, vice president of products, 3Dconnexion. "We are thrilled to be integrated into this software release, as 3D mice complement the creative capabilities of LightWave 10 and offers artists the benefit of a better understanding of how a design works and interacts, before it's finalized."
The entire 3Dconnexion product line is compatible with NewTek LightWave 10 on Windows and Mac, including the Professional Series with the SpacePilot PRO (MSRP $399) and SpaceExplorer (MSRP $299), and the Standard Series with the SpaceNavigator (MSRP $99) and SpaceNavigator for Notebooks (MSRP $129).