3DVIA Shape 4.0 Just Released
January 13, 2011

3DVIA Shape 4.0 Just Released

The 3DVIA Team is proud to announce the newest version of its easy 3D model software –  3DVIA Shape 4.0.  Now it is easier than ever to create anything you can imagine with just the touch of your finger.

This release falls into two categories: the extremely useful and the very cool. Useful items include the ability to work offline, screenshot export and increased file size limits on uploading models. Cool features include anaglyph 3D picture exporting and the ability to model with your fingertips on compatible touch screen displays.

Please give the new version a try and make sure to let us know what you think on the  3DVIA Shape forums  or our3DVIA Facebook  page.

Multi-Touch Compatibility for Touch Screen Displays:   Need to feel a deeper connection to your creations? Now you can with the all-new 3DVIA Shape multi-touch interface compatibility. Go ahead, if you have a compatible screen or a tablet PC (Windows 7 only), put both hands on the surface and use your fingers to model your creations almost like clay.

Work Offline or “Nomad Mode”:   Working offline without having to login to the 3DVIA site has always been a major request from our users. You asked, we listened. Now you can work offline, save your models as drafts and publish them later to 3DVIA.com.

Anaglyph Mode:   Now you can use 3DVIA Shape to view and experience your model in 3D with Red/Blue glasses. Any pair will work, you just need to find some!

Take Screenshots from Your Models:  Click the “pictures” tool (next to the Help button), then “Screenshot”>”Save as Image” (or the Anaglyph button>Save as Image).

Show Axis, Improving 3DVIA Shape for Use with 3DVIA Studio:  3DVIA Shape becomes even more powerful when you combine it with the rest of the 3DVIA online platform, including 3DVIA Studio. If you ever tried 3DVIA Studio, the determination of the pivot can be quite important. With this new feature, you can now easily determine where will be the pivot of your model in 3DVIA Shape.

Other Updates and Features Released Today

  • Increased Upload Limit on Files from 11MB to 25MB!
  • Improved error messages for failed or blocked upload attempts