3D Artsgroup Unveils AMS
August 31, 2011

3D Artsgroup Unveils AMS

Leutenbach, Germany - 3D Artsgroup GmbH has unveiled 3D Automated Motion Systems (AMS), a new program for more efficiency in the 3D character animation in Maya.

 AMS assists with the motion design of virtual characters, simplifying the characteristic motion studies and motion patterns (walk, action, behavior, including gestures and facial expressions). User-defined motion patterns can be combined in different scenes, stored, reused, and edited at any time. The Motion data is scalable and transformable. The AMS tools are designed to match any character animation working environment.

New features include a new Connection Module, enabling the connection of the AMS rig to non-AMS advanced rigs and enabling the use of AMS features for existing external rigs. A Free Start Up package is also offered, including a comprehensive motion pack, ready for immediate use in animation. Additional features include: an advanced AMS skeleton, a new Advanced Modus, and optimized facial expressions and fingers. The new Advanced Blending tool can be used for seamless transitions.

AMS is compatible from Maya 6.0 up to Maya 2012.