pmG Releases messiahStudio5 CG Visual Effects Software
December 13, 2010

pmG Releases messiahStudio5 CG Visual Effects Software

messiahStudio5 is a culmination of more than a year’s worth of user suggested ideas and improvements. We've added a new Interactive renderer, that we call Dynamic Render, which shows you fully rendered images of your scene as you make changes to it; fully multithreaded, complete with anti-aliasing and controls to adjust resolution and quality.
With the new Sketch mode, animators and directors can draw in 2D right on top of each frame; draw corrections and guides for animation feedback, or rough out a motion in traditional cell style, before you animate in 3D. Users can sketch per frame, with onion skin levels, four user adjustable pen sizes with erase, and line and transparency settings. UV Bake Render allows users to render complex materials created in messiah's shader flow, to a UV based texture map and export to game engines or models for sale. These and a host of other new features and improvements can be previewed in short demos at the "click here for what's new in 5.0" link on the pmG website home page, at .

pmG is proud to have its software used for the creation of the animated short: 850 Meters. See the animated teaser at

messiahStudio5 is available in two versions: Basic $499 and Professional $1,199.
pmG has two specials going on until Dec 31st where you can get the Pro version for only $699, and a cross grade special for AutoDesk, Lightwave and Modo users to get Pro for only $599, and Basic for only $399. For the price of just one or two plugins on most platforms, you get an entire CG production software; complete with effects, animation, rendering, and SDK.