YOUReality Joins Total Immersion's North America Partner Network
November 2, 2010

YOUReality Joins Total Immersion's North America Partner Network

Los Angeles, Calif. - Total Immersion, a leader in augmented reality (AR), announced the addition of YOUReality, as a Certified D'Fusion Value Added Reseller to its North American Partner network, the world's largest network dedicated to AR.
Based in Roswell, Georgia, YOUReality is a leader in Retail Visualization. With YOUReality's cutting-edge Retail Visualization software, consumers can "Bring It Home" and try before they buy, enabling them to interact with 3D models of products in a photo or video of their own home environment. Consumers get a realistic view of what the products will look like, and can position them in their own space (maintaining correct dimension and perspective), changing colors, styles, sizes, and textures as they desire. YOUReality applications answer the question, "What will this look like in my home?"

Built on Total Immersion's patented D'Fusion platform, YOUReality's suite of 3D applications for retailers, manufacturers, e-commerce sites, and designers includes Online, In-Store, and Mobile applications, and allows product visualization in a web store, kiosk, or mobile device. Consumers then have the ability to add the selected items directly to the shopping cart or wish list, or find a retailer to arrange purchase or pickup. YOUReality is setting the stage for a wholesale transformation of the way consumers purchase anything that goes into their living space.

Bringing a significant new business opportunity to U.S. VARs and Resellers, Total Immersion has rolled out a strategic program to recruit select Partners in a range of vertical markets throughout North America and equip them with next-generation tools to independently market and develop customized AR solutions.

In 2009 Total Immersion deployed some 270 projects in 50 countries, with more than 50 percent of the business completed through its Partner network. The company's growth strategy outside North America has been driven in large measure through its Partners, each of whom brings specialized expertise and geographic reach that complement its overall sales and distribution effort.

"Total Immersion shares our vision for integrating 3D visualization into retail and understands the impact YOUReality solutions have on the consumer shopping experience - an impact that drives sales conversion rates and ultimately ROI for the manufacturer or retailer," said Michelle Fallon, founder, YOUReality. "Total Immersion's dedication to the retail vertical and lead position in the marketplace has made the company a perfect partner for us."

"Our Partner Network is all about expanding the realm of the possible through powerful AR applications, and YOUReality offers just such a solution - it's capable of transforming the way people shop online," said Bruno Uzzan, CEO, Total Immersion. "YOUReality is the perfect example of how augmented reality can be practically applied to a marketplace need, as a new human interface."

Feedback from users of YOUReality Professional for Outdoor Kitchens, which launched in 2009, indicates conversion rates of more than 50 percent, significant increases in average sale, and weeks shaved off of the sales closing process.

The next generation of the Online Retail Visualizer will be available mid-November, and will include features such as social network connectivity and compatibility with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Mac OS X. The Mobile Retail Visualizer includes the capability to view items through live video stream and in correct perspective and dimension without the need for manual resizing.