XPAND Universal 3D Glasses Now Offered Through Retailer La Curacao
December 8, 2010

XPAND Universal 3D Glasses Now Offered Through Retailer La Curacao

Los Angeles, Calif. – XPAND announced that its Universal 3D Glasses are now being sold at retailer La Curacao and online at www.LaCuracao.com. La Curacao is a Los Angeles-based department store chain with stores throughout California and Arizona. The store caters to the Spanish-speaking market and offers consumer electronics, appliances, furniture and other products.
XPAND Universal 3D Glasses can be used with multiple brands of TVs and computers and in XPAND 3D-ready movie theaters. Conventional 3D glasses, on the other hand, can only be used with one brand of TV.

“3D TV will be on a lot of people’s holiday wish lists – but choosing the right 3D TV glasses can still be confusing for many potential buyers,” noted Maria Costeira, CEO of XPAND. “Our Universal 3D Glasses are the solution consumers and retailers have been waiting for, and we are excited that they will be available at La Curacao in time for the 2011 holiday season. La Curacao is one of the most important retailers in southern California and Arizona and we look forward to partnering with them in bringing viewers the most exciting 3D viewing experience available.”

“We at La Curacao are committed to making innovative technology products that make peoples’ lives easier and add to their media enjoyment available to the Hispanic market,” said Teyles Perez, marketing director for La Curacao.