Vizrt Intros Viz Weather 2.2 and Viz World 10.2
September 16, 2010

Vizrt Intros Viz Weather 2.2 and Viz World 10.2

Bergen, Norway – Vizrt Ltd. will introduces Viz Weather 2.2 and Viz World 10.2. These latest versions of Viz Weather and Viz World enhance Vizrt’s extensive product line and strengthen its overall, integrated production workflow.
Viz Weather, Vizrt’s template-based, real-time 3D weather solution, utilizes live weather data from a wide array of weather data providers to trigger high-resolution graphics and animations automatically. Viz Weather also fully integrates with Viz World for the creation of distinctive, branded, high-quality maps. Viz World, now version 10.2, was formerly known as Viz Curious Maps.

Viz Weather 2.2 offers enhanced interoperability with other Vizrt systems and enables Viz Weather pages to be played out from many other Vizrt play-out systems, including Viz Content Pilot, Viz Trio, and Viz Multichannel. Rather than being confined to the weather graphics system, this ability gives broadcasters the unprecedented freedom to use their weather graphics in other systems, such as those for live news. This flexible workflow carries over to Viz World 10.2 because it integrates with Vizrt client applications. Rather than waiting for the graphics department to create maps on a one-off basis, anyone on the broadcast team—including producers, journalists, weather people, and CG operators—can use the Viz World Client to create high-quality, template-based maps whenever they are needed. Maps created with Viz World can then be played in real-time by Viz Engine, without the need for lengthy recording and editing. The look of the maps is fully configurable by the station, allowing maps to be consistent with the station’s brand.

“We’re very excited about the latest versions of Viz Weather and Viz World because they eliminate the traditional bottlenecks and limitations associated with weather graphics and map creation,” explained Vizrt CEO Martin Burkhalter. “Now anyone in the broadcast chain can use the template-based workflow to quickly create the dynamic, customized weather graphics and maps they need. By making the production process faster and more efficient, the new capabilities and improved interoperability of Viz Weather 2.2 and Viz World 10.2 will raise production standards for our broadcast customers.”